Toyota Class Action Update: Gas Pedal Recall


Many Toyota owners have experienced sudden unintended acceleration first hand. They know the very real terror posed by having their car race uncontrollably without throttle input. The rest of Toyota owners are fearful it will happen to them, every time they drive their Toyota. They are justifiably afraid that the car will kill them or others. Toyota owners are in a real bind with their Toyota cars.

Some owners have stopped driving or avoid driving their Toyota. Adding insult to injury, selling a Toyota is almost impossible. For most Toyota owners, their only hope of obtaining justice is joining a Toyota Class Action Lawsuit. This article tackles one of Toyota’s efforts to cover-up and hide the truth from the public: Toyota’s gas pedal recall campaign.

Toyota’s Pattern and Practice: Denial, Blame, Misdirection, and Cover-up

It started at local Toyota dealers. Toyota owner after Toyota owner started to show up at Toyota dealers. All with eerily similar reports about their Toyota. The engine started revving without the driver touching the gas pedal. The driver would stomp on the brake pedal with all their might in order to try and stop the car. But the engine overcame the brake. Many had been in accidents. All these owners are understandably scared to drive their Toyota. Owners uniformly took their Toyota into local dealers – – pleading that their car be repaired.

Time after time the local dealer would inform the Toyota owner that the inspection had not revealed any defects, problems or issues with the car. Classic denial tactics.

When reports continued to mount, Toyota subtlety changed tactics. Toyota’s strategy changed from denial to deflecting blame to it’s customers. Toyota claimed, drivers must be hitting the gas pedal when they meant to hit the brake pedal. Just like Audi claimed years previously.

Toyota realized that it’s strategy of blaming its customers gained no traction. And reports mounted of unintended sudden acceleration of Toyota cars and Toyota trucks. In response, Toyota created a quick scape goat – – an alleged floor mat defect. The public demanded a recall and Toyota gave them one. Of course, no independent expert actually believes floor mats are the real cause of sudden unintended acceleration.

The Bogus Sticking Gas Pedal Recall

Realizing the public was understandably not buying into the “it must be the floor mats” story, Toyota concocted a sticking gas pedal defect. According to Toyota, these same crack automotive engineers at Toyota who first blamed drivers and then pointed to the floor mat, now conclude that the “real problem” has all along been sticking gas pedals. According to Toyota, the problem now is “the throttle is slow to return to idle condition.”

Toyota engineers came up with an easy fix: “A steel reinforcement bar [inserted into the Toyota gas pedal] eliminates the excess friction that can cause the pedal to stick.” Trouble is, this whole sticking gas pedal story simply doesn’t hold water. Why? Because this explanation doesn’t explain how or why the throttle advances by itself.

Drivers are not reporting they apply the accelerator and the engine keeps on revving at the same RPM. Instead, drivers are reporting that the engine accelerates to full RPM’s without the driver pressing on the accelerator pedal. The engine red-lines all by itself.

Explained a little differently, a sticking gas pedal will only stick if the driver first presses on the gas pedal. And it will “stick” only as far as the gas pedal is pressed. Here, drivers are reporting that the accelerator advances to full RPM’s. The sticking gas pedal theory in no way explains how the throttle is advanced further than the driver inputs, all by itself.

The Cause of the Toyota Sudden Unintended Acceleration Defect

Toyota’s mechanical fix most likely misses the mark entirely. Most experts believe that the defect is an electrical/ computer defect. Which has turned out to be much more difficult to correct than a floor mat or a gas pedal.

Toyota Owners Need to Keep Updated With the Toyota Class Action

If you are a Toyota owner, you need to know the truth. You should keep up with the latest developments in the Toyota Unintended Sudden Acceleration Class Action Lawsuits. In order for Toyota owners to fully protect their rights, they should contact a Toyota Class Action Lawyer in their State.


Source by William Turley