Toyota Hybrid Sports Car


Every loyal customer to Toyota and the people behind the company itself are looking forward to 2008. Why? Because that is the slated release for the much-awaited Toyota hybrid sports car dubbed the Volta. Toyota has always been known to set itself apart from all other car manufacturers, releasing some of the most outrageous designs that seem to grow onto society once the cars establish themselves as bestsellers.

Japan Goes Italian

Toyota’s hybrid sports car can only be a real head turner. This is what’s expected when you have an elite group of designers to give the new concept car a new, nice Italian twist. Pictures of the concept car have emerged from the company itself and the first thing that may come to mind is the Lamborghini Diablo; only the Volta is eco-friendly.

Toyota believes that hybrid technology can also be used in high-performance vehicles such as the Toyota Volta. After all, it is rumored to go from 0-60 in 4 seconds and has a top speed of 155 mph; not as fast as the Diablo or any Ferrari but the important thing is how much gas this vehicle doesn’t use.

The Name Game

The 2008 new Toyota Volta will be paying homage to Alessandro Volta, the man who came up with the electric battery in 1800. It is only very apt considering that this vehicle does run on a type of battery. The Volta runs a V6 engine and there’s an electric motor on each axle.

The electric motor will be used to operate several things at the same time such as, for example, a computer that operates the movement of the wheels, activation of brakes, etc.; basically something known as drive by wire, a technology that is fitted into modern fighter jets, so you can imagine how much time in design was spent on this near-future release. This technology also allows for an awkward feature that can have the passengers reposition the steering wheel and pedals in front of them.


Two centuries after the invention of the electric battery after which the new hybrid is named, Toyota aims to have the Volta out and running by 2008. It is expected to have a tank that holds only 13.7 gallons that will allow it to go 435 miles when filled up. Plus, if 408 horsepower isn’t enough, you will just have to weight for later versions of the Volta because this is the top speed estimated for the initial release.

Toyota France expects to release this to the European market in 2008. However, Germany might be happy to know that the car will be for sale there by December of 2007. Experts are speculating that prices for the Toyota hybrid sports car will range from $72,000 to $165,000 in the US market once it hits North American shores.

Whether or not the market is ready for this sports car, Toyota itself is ready to prove that hybrid technology does belong in the automobile industry and will suit any purpose and application.


Source by Anton Rowd