Toyota MR2 . Mid Engine And Strictly Fun


In 2000, the waning fortunes of the targa style MR2 meant a radical change was necessary if the Toyota MR2 was to remain on the market. The restyling that occurred saved the MR2 and it went on to become a favourite on the Australian market.

Being a two seater roadster, the Toyota MR2 is strictly for the driver and one passenger only. If you’re looking for luggage space for a weekend away, then you’re unlikely to find much room here either. The Toyota MR2 is strictly a fun car for getting around town in, if you’re after a practical car, look elsewhere. The post 2000 MR2 is available with a 1.8 litre engine, and while it only produces 103 kw, it is a very lightweight car (just 975 kilograms), so it has an excellent power to weight ratio. For the enthusiast, there will be disappointment in the knowledge that the MR2 is only available in a clutchless five speed manual gearbox or a sequential six speed (from 2003 onwards). But while no proper manual transmission is available, there is also no proper automatic transmission either.

With the mid mounted engine, the handling of the lightweight MR2 is tight and responsive. However, with the short travel of the suspension, the car tends to feel very choppy on rougher country roads. It is generally at its best on smooth city and suburban streets.

While the Toyota MR2 is a small compact mid-engined two seater, it has a surprising amount of room in the cabin for both the driver and passenger.

Tips for buying a one owner Toyota MR2
If you are in the market for a sporty two seater roadster and want something with more radical styling than the classic looking Mazda MX5, then the MR2 may be the car for you. Being a Toyota, the MR2 can be counted on for reliability as long as the car has been well maintained. As the MR2 is popular among younger drivers, check for any signs that may indicate that the car has been thrashed about. Inspect for body damage by checking for any colour differences in the body panels. Another indication that the car may have had body damage or been in a crash is signs of any water damage from a leaking roof. The MR2 has a reputation for not leaking, unless of course the body has been bent out of shape at some stage.

Check the servicing log books also. With the engine mounted in the middle of the car, access to some of the serviceable components can be restricted. So, for those that do home services, or for the dodgy mechanic down the road, it may be tempting to just skip a few of the more out of the way components. Having the book stamped by a Toyota dealer will be the best indication that the car has been serviced properly and well looked after.


Source by Kerry Plowright