Toyota Prius Battery, How To Save $5,000 On A Toyota Prius Battery


Toyota Prius Battery, How To Save $5,000 On A Toyota Prius Battery. It is much cheaper to rebuild your own battery then it is to buy a rebuilt battery. Also, rebuilding your own battery only takes a little extra time, and you will be so much money ahead it is very much the alternative to save you the most money.

I am going to tell you what your options are if your Toyota Prius battery has “gone bad”.

First, what are your options? When I started looking for a solution to the death of my Prius battery.I really only found about three.

#1. Purchase a new battery for $7,000. Hmm, seemed a little too expensive to me.

#2. Purchase a rebuilt Prius battery for $4 to 5,000. Still seems to be kind of up there doesn’t it?

#3. Rebuild the battery using new or used modules-cells for around $400. Well LOOKY HERE!

I don’t know a whole lot of people that would not pick #3. But, for some reason when I went into the Toyota dealership they told me that I could not do this on my own! HA! I have now rebuild more batteries then I care to count, and I can do it in about 3 hours. So what does that break down to be an hour?? I don’t know around a $1,200 per hour to just rebuild my Prius battery by myself.

How do I rebuild a Toyota Prius battery?  I use the eBook guide called How To Rebuild Your Toyota Prius Battery. You can find it here at this Link:


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