Toyota Prius Hybrid the Priceless Futuristic Car!


Toyota is here with its new 2009 Prius hybrid car! The new Toyota Prius Hydrid which is the smallest hybrid car has been revised and best suited for the new generation needs and implements high technology for making it more eco-friendly. Compared to its older version, the 2009 Prius is very spacious, more fuel efficient and reduced level of pollution emission. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Prius is the most fuel efficient car sold in US.

The overall dimension is still the same as to its previous model but offers more leg space and extra room for head. The power and torque has gone up to 134bhp from the old 112bhp, and now it has 1.8 liter engine upgraded from the 1.5 liter engine. As for fuel economy from 55.4 mpg it now provides 72.4mpg and the carbon dioxide also falls down to 89g per km from 120g per km. The California Air Resources Board and the EPA also places Prius among the cleanest cars sold based on non-carbon dioxide emissions, in the United States.

Like any other hybrid car it utilized gas and electricity as its source of power. Hence it helps in saving fuel a great deal, especially while ignition when electric engine is used saving the fuel consumption. They are ideal for stagnant city traffic, which moves and stops every now and then, that is when you realize how useful and cost efficient the hybrid Prius is.

The 2009 Prius with a diminutive appearance is much more spacious than you can imagine and has amazing futuristic interior design and has comfortable seats, the base colors are light, and the front and rear seats as well are spacious to provide its passengers with the utmost comfort and ease. It also has cup holders, a built in lighted mirror.

It offers high fuel efficiency, from about 48-43 miles per gallon. The inner setting is equipped with a hi-tech center console computerized panel, through which you can control the radio, which also display the statistics regarding fuel consumption and also provides climate information. The speedometer is also computerized, giving the perfect look and feel of a futuristic hybrid car!

To add on to it, you just have to use a power button to start the car, which makes it a keyless ignition. As it also has a back camera, while reversing the car the rear view is displayed on the monitor panel screen so that you may turn and twist your car safely.

The 2009 Prius has the Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD), which uses the all electric air conditioned compressor for cooling purposes. It also has super electric power steering, and has a smaller NiMH battery which is combined with the NHW20, which makes it more powerful and efficient. Prius has passed much crash testing, and has mostly got four to five star rating.

The new Toyota Prius Hydrid is ideal for today’s generation when people have to take care of cost cutting and environment as well!

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Source by Prithwish Biswas