Trucks & Trailers Maintenance Check List Tips


Used Trucks & Trailers Maintenance Tips

There are some of the most important things that should be taken care and also are the most important check list that can make the trucks more efficient and longer living. Here we have offered tips for many of the points that should be considered by any of the truck owner in order to make the trucks functioning well and to give longer lasting utilities to the owner. Here are some of the tips to keep your best trucks in good conditions.

1. Tires Air Pressure
2. Fuel Check
3. Wipers Check
4. Coolant Check
5. High Beam and Low Beam Head Light Check
6. Turn & Brake signal Lights
7. Horn Check
8. Mileage
9. Last Oil Changed Date
10. Last Oil Filter Changed Date
11. Last Air Filter Changed Date
12. Last Engine Tune Up
13. Fuel Hoses Leak checkup
14. Engine Oil
15. Brake Oil
16. Power Steering

17. Fire extinguisher
18. Emergency Call

* Tires Air Pressure

It is quite necessary to check the tire pressure every time before going for any of the long trip. The insufficient or even the higher tire pressure can create big problems or any of the hazardous situations for the trucks. It is always better to check the tire pressure before starting the journey and to check tires air pressure at quite regular interval.

* Fuel Check

Fuel check is one of the most important checks in the trucks. Not only the trucks get stopped without fuel but also the truck engine gets deteriorated with lower quantities of fuel in it. Also the better fuel quality and sufficient quantities are important. The lubricant that can boost the fuel capacity also should be used as and when required. The fuel check is therefore one of the most important check in truck using.

* Wipers Check

The wipers are not only necessary in rainy seasons but are the regular using needs as they are used even when the glass gets dirty or gets full of dust or any of the particles. So, wipers check is quite necessary for the drives.

* Coolant Check

The coolant check assures the coolant level as the level of coolant is consistently lower; there is definitely a leakage in the coolant which needs to get repaired with the mechanic immediately. Also the fluid and required lubricants should be filled with regular care to keep the Coolant level intact and balanced.

*Head Light Check

The headlights are the eyes of the trucks and they must be given appropriate care and concern regularly. The high beam and low beams are required at any given point of time. If any of them is not working, it may create tension in driving. So, it is quite better to check the lower and higher beam of the headlights.

* Turn & Brake signal lights

Along with headlights the turn and signal lights also should be given proper attention and care as on the highways they play major roles. These signals are required to make the other drivers aware of the status of the vehicle to avoid the accidents or confusions.

* Horn Check

Horn check is one of the basic necessities of the vehicle checking as on the roads, the horns can play vital roles. They are key factors even when the speeds are to generate or to make the traffic cleared. The horns can save many of the lives so it is better to save the horns by the checking them regularly.

* Mileage

The mileage check is also necessary to make sure the average offered by the trucks as there are many of the hurdles that can be checked the average goes down suddenly. But to make sure the routine average of the trucks, the mileage checking is must.

* Last oil changed date

The oils are having their fixed duration to affect the truck performances and after certain interval, they need to get added in the fuels. These dates should be noted quite well to avoid the engines to get dried. Also the late oil filling can lower down the mileage as well. So, in order to fill up the oils at the right and required dates, note the oil changing dates of trucks.

* Last Air Filter Changed date

The air filter changing can make the engine cool and chilled with performance and prepared to function nicely in the future. These air filters need to get changed after fixed time period and to remember that time slot, it is quite necessary to write down the dates of air filter changing.

* Last engine tune up

Engines are the hearts of the trucks and therefore it is quite necessary to have routine tuning up of the engines. The engines can affect most to the mileage, performance and the durability of trucks. This engine tuning up is quite important and therefore the date of last tuning up is quite important for the truck owner. These dates must be noted at some important places that can remind the owner to tune up the truck engines.

* Fuel Hoses Leak checkup
The Fuel Hoses Leak check up is vital checking tool as even the smallest leakage can make the fuel wastes in larger quantity over a period of time. There are many of the cases where the fuel leakage cause huge loss as even the engine has to get repaired after continuous leakage which cost quite higher. So, the importance of this check up is also quite higher.

* Engine Oil

The engine oil improves the efficiency of the trucks and also are the most reliable and enhanced source of oil production. There are many of the cases where the engine oil has saved lots of money of the truck owners and therefore the routine check up is quite important for the engine oil.

* Brake Oil

Brake Oil is one of the intense intensity of the trucks. Brakes need to get smoother and furnished all the time to avoid any of the problems of accidents. The insufficient brakes can create big loss for the owners and drivers. So, it is quite necessary to get better oil attached to the brakes and to make the brakes more capable and powerful.

* Power Steering

The Power Steering facility is one of the blessings to the drivers as they can have the relaxed and comfortable driving with the help of this automatic driving tool. The steering of the trucks becomes quite smoother and easier with the help of this power steering. This is the facility that can make the driver more dynamic in driving and can save the trucks from many of the accidents and losses.

* Fire extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher is the must need of any of the trucks. There are many of the goods and loads loaded in trucks. There are many of the chances of catching fire to the trucks in case of inflammable products. It is quite important to have the fire extinguisher in the trucks to avoid any of such problems. It is also important to check the availability and effectiveness of Fire Extinguish at every regular interval.

* Emergency Call

The trucks should be loaded with the Emergency Call services as trucks are used for longer deliveries and also are used for making the long distanced deliveries. To solve the unseen and sudden problems and to get help at those times, it is recommended to have the service of Emergency call in the trucks. Also these services should be verified regularly.


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