Tundra is Long But No Nerf Bars


Toyota introduces a longer version of the brand-new Tundra pickup called the Crew Max. It is said to have 400 horsepower and will tow over 11,000 pounds. Similar to the four-door version in its physical appearance, the Tuntra Crew Max has longer rear doors.

The pickup looks very durable and masculine but one distinguishing feature is that it has no truck nerf bars.

Car enthusiasts say Toyota is continuously struggling for its cars to look very American. And this time, the car maker once again proves it struggle.

Despite its shortcomings, however, the Tundra was never exactly a sales failure for Toyota. It sold 126,529 vehicles last year. But that number is very far behind in comparison when placed next to the 901,463 Ford F-series trucks, the 705,980 Chevy Silverados, and the 400,543 Dodge Rams sold during the same period.

But Toyota has a plan beginning with making the new truck larger in all the areas. The new truck will be offered in three cab setups, including a standard cab, a double cab with smaller front-hinged rear doors, and a true crew cab featuring four real doors with a full-size rear bench. The last one is the first from Toyota. The double cab replaces the access cab as the mid-grade body style. Preliminary specifications show that the new, mid-lineup double-cab truck is only 1.4 inches shorter than the outgoing range-topping model. Also, same amount has been added to the old truck’s height. The bed was added 4.4 inches length, and the wheelbase has jumped from 140.5 inches to nearly 146 inches. So that makes a very spacious cabin, more hauling capability, and an even more comfortable ride.

There will also be three trim levels: the base or the regular one, the SR5 that is the sporty one, and the Limited, which is the fancy one. With various bed lengths, the Tundra will be available in over thirty different configurations.

Tundra will be replacing Toyota’s 2004 FTX concept truck. The production of Tundra’s styling is said to be just a bit better than the vehicles it replaces. The added height has enhanced the truck’s physical presence and, the stubby nose, which is quickly becoming a signature Toyota design element, gives the impression that each and every spare millimeter was put to good use maximizing cabin space and cargo bed capacity.

The interior is a common concept in Toyota; typical Toyota. Craft fully designed but visually an abstract. The Tundra’s designers have placed the shift lever on the center console, freeing up the right side of the steering column for a second control stalk. Options of a variety of heavy technology are also available. These include a widescreen backup camera, a premium JBL sound system, and Bluetooth cell-phone connectivity.

The 2007 Tundra was designed and engineered in the U.S. and will be manufactured in Indiana and Texas. The latter is rightly can be considered innate area of the pickup truck.


Source by Gertrude