Tustin California Teen Charged With Murder After Car Accident


A 17-year-old Tustin boy has been indicted on murder charges after he caused a car accident driving while intoxicated earlier in August this year. Santa Ana resident Milad Mouyali is accused of driving under the influence when he crashed his Mercedes Benz into a pole. The impact split the car into two. Mouyali was reportedly doing 100 miles per hour. His 16-year-old passenger was killed. Mouyali himself escaped with minor injuries in the car accident.

In indicting Milad, an Orange County grand jury has charged him as an adult. He has been accused of the killing of Mackenzie Frazee, his friend who he was driving home that night.

On August 28, Milad reported had a party at his house where Mackenzie seems to have been a guest. He had several drinks, and then at about 2:40 am, he set out in his car to drop the young girl home. According to the Orange County Register, Mouyali drove far above the speed limit on the way to Mackenzie’s home, his speed oscillating between 102 miles per hour and 112 miles per hour. At some point, he seems to have lost control of his car, and slammed into a pole. The impact caused the front of the car to explode in flames. Frazee, who had to be extricated from her seat by firefighters, was declared dead from blunt force trauma.

After the car accident, Mouyali’s blood alcohol level was tested, and was found to be .11. He was found to have been driving without a valid license too. He is expected to be arraigned on Monday. Mouyali faces one felony murder count, and one driving without a license misdemeanor charge.

The Orange County grand jury seems to have taken Mouyali’s speed, as well as his drunk driving into consideration in their decision to charge him as an adult. If convicted, Mouyali could be sentenced to life in prison.

The Orange County Register reports that he consumed the alcoholic drinks at his own residence. What were his parents doing, allowing him to drink at home, and then, get behind the wheel? It’s clear there has been a mix of youthful arrogance, and parental negligence at work here. All of these seem to have played an equal part in costing Mackenzie Frazee her life. At this Orange County car accident lawyer blog, we extend our deepest sympathies to her family at this time of loss.


Source by Robert B. Reeves