Updated Version of Toyota Sprinter/AE86 in 2010


Toyota Corolla is a line of subcompact/compact cars founded by the Japanese automaker Toyota. It has become one of the world’s most famous line of cars since the time it was introduced in 1966. Corollas are manufactured now in more than 15 countries. It has released ten generations of subcompact and compact cars. And from these generations, the AE86 which was from the fifth generation, excelled. It is because, the Toyota AE86, together with AE85, are unique compared to other Toyota Corolla car model. Both have the rear wheel drive or FR layout. But too sad, they happened to be the last Corollas with that layout.

The AE86 generation is a product by the Toyota Corolla Levin and Toyota Sprinter Trueno. It is a small and lightweight coupe that is being introduced by Toyota in 1983. But the production has permanently stopped in 1987. AE86 was a rear wheel drive and is among the last rear drive car of its type. The entry of this car was also the time when most passenger cars were being switched to front-drive. On its last year in 1987, Toyota only had a limited variant of the AE86 which was called “Black Limited”. But in the same year, the unit ran out and was replaced by the front wheel drive AE92 Corolla/Sprinter range.

Car enthusiasts from all over the world got fascinated by the AE86, especially in North America, they came up with specifications of the unit. But even though this is the scenario, its end was not halted.

Now, a rumor is spreading that the Toyota Sprinter/AE86 is going to be revived in 2010. according to a Japanese Magazine called Best Car, the Toyota Company is working on a possible spiritual successor to the AE86, of course, retaining the rear wheel drive. The excitement of Toyota Corolla car fans was hyped even more when newspaper Asahi Shimbun broadcast that Toyota is going to have a partnership with Subaru for this project. They also added that the target release date is 2010.

As posted in AutoBlog, the successor of the AE86 is an entry-level sports car to be tagged as Toyota. It will feature a FHI-sourced boxer engine of 2.0 liters or less underhood. When it comes to the pricing, the maximum worth would be ¥2,000,000 or lower.

Before this reports, there have been a news that was spread saying that the revival will happen in 2008. But it has been more than a year and nothing came out. As for this news, we just hope that everything will come as smooth as it was first released going back 26 years. With all the Toyota AE86 and rear wheel drive fans waiting, this car really something we should anticipate.


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