Used Toyota Cars Most Popular Models to Buy


The recent global economic downturn has had rippled effects in many industries worldwide, but few industries have suffered as deeply as the world’s car manufacturers. Sales of autos worldwide plummeted for some time, and have only recently shown the faint glimmerings of recovery. One area of car sales that has remained strong, however, has been the used car industry. The simple fact is that people around the world need their cars, and when times are tough used cars become the first option for many. Not surprisingly, the world’s second largest automobile manufacturer, Toyota, also remains a strong player in the used car market, with many of the most popular used car models being Toyota brand vehicles.

The Toyota Prius

The Prius remains one of the most popular of all used cars, for a variety of reasons. Not only does it offer superior fuel economy but it also offers many of the amenities that most consumers have come t expect from their vehicles. In many cases, obtaining a used Toyota Prius can be easier than purchasing a new one, particularly in areas of the world where there are lengthy lines of people waiting for a new Prius car. Moreover, the recent recall of the 2010 model has no impact on the older vehicles which did not suffer from the same software and antilock brake difficulties.

Supra is super

The Toyota Supra is another of Toyota’s more popular brands names, and it has the longest uninterrupted production line of any Toyota car. Though noted for its similarities to the design of its predecessor – the Celica – the Supra enjoys an updated design that features greater width and length as well as a sturdier chassis. Many Supras can still be found on Toyota car lots, and there are a number of successful online sites that offer used Supras for sale at competitive prices. Shop around for the best shipping and warranty to ensure that your Supra is both affordable and trustworthy.

The Aygo Goes!

For younger car buyers, a used Toyota Aygo is often the way to go. Its smaller size and more affordable pricing make it the ideal first car for many students and single people in their early 20s. As with most vehicles, the pricing is not uniform across the globe, but most countries’ citizens can find them for sale online for under $10,000 US. Its so-called super mini style is perfect for the fuel conscious driver, though the car’s small size may make it impractical for many families. Most people who sell Aygos that are newer than four years old apparently do so due to the need for more passenger capacity and carrying room – not out of any dissatisfaction with the vehicle’s performance.

Finding your Toyota

No matter where you are on the planet, locating a quality used Toyota vehicle need not be difficult. With many online portals offering them for sale, and providing shipping to your chosen location, buying a used Toyota is easier than before. In fact, many online shoppers prefer to look for sites based in Japan, as the Japanese market often has a broader selection of used Japanese cars than can be found anywhere else in the world.

The bottom line on purchasing any used Toyota product is the same as for any other car. Be sure you know what you’re driving and carrying needs are prior to making any selection, and ask as many questions as you need to ensure that the vehicle you are considering meets those needs. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the dealer either! Even consumers without negotiating skills can often save themselves a significant amount of money by haggling with the dealer.


Source by Bravorian Ray