Vehicle Warranty Vs Service & Maintenance Plan in South Africa


When purchasing a new or used vehicle, the best value added product isn’t the 10 shuttle CD player, tinted windows, Mag wheels, full service history. Instead it is whether the vehicle has an extended warranty or service plan. Of course all the bells and whistles make a difference, however in these trying economic times; we need to look to the future when it comes to maintaining your vehicle.

A manufacturers’ warranty needs to be well researched beforehand. Warranties in general are not very comprehensive; however this is normally related to your home appliances etc. We don’t normally pay attention to these because the appliances’ parts are normally the same price as the appliance. We normally only keep the vehicle warranty in mind should a larger item break within the 1 year or 2 year cover. For example, if the kettle breaks we don’t normally rush off to go have the element replaced, but rather go purchase a new one all together. When it comes to your vehicle, we definitely have more to loose than just a couple of rand.

Prior to signing the documentation on your new vehicle, it is best to read through all the policy documentation with a fine tooth comb. You might find that only certain parts are covered and not all. There is a vast difference between your idea of a “wear & tear” item and that of the warranty company. Another big issue with a warranty is that you will find that the warranty is capped at a certain amount. For example, your radiator might pack in within the first 10 000km’s. A new radiator costs anywhere from R3, 000! You will find that even though your warranty covers you to 150 000km’s, they will only pay a portion towards your radiator. Maybe only R1, 000, therefore you are still out of pocket for R2, 000. Warranties are generally there, to cover the parts. This does not cover the servicing of the vehicle, which is normally every 7 000km’s on diesel cars and 15 000km’s on petrol. More money to fork out! Is this the way to maintain your new vehicle in the best possible way?

I took my car in for a minor service with the approved dealer. They quoted me R895 on a major service. This was great because I budgeted for about R2, 000. I got a call later on during the day to say that I needed brakes and the left wheel bearing needed repair. I asked them to check my warranty as I was sure it covered the wheel bearing until 100 000km’s and my car was on 75 000km’s. About 20 minutes later I get the call to say that the warranty only covered the right wheel bearing and not the left and therefore I was liable for the payment. Final invoice: R3, 500.

A service and maintenance plan is the best idea since the vehicle was invented. This policy should cover your vehicle from top to toe. The service plan will cover all major and minor services which include lube service and all filters (fuel, air, pollen). The maintenance plan will cover all “wear & tear” items, such as brakes, clutch, cambelts etc. The bonus with this is that it also covers all the major parts, such as engine, transmission, drive shaft etc. This allows you as a driver to enjoy hassle free motoring knowing that your vehicle will always be taken care of. This is the ideal purchase for ladies. We love our shoes, but I must admit, I’d rather drive than walk in those shoes.

Another benefit of a service and maintenance plan is that if you purchase a 1, 2 or 3 year plan, you don’t have to worry about the price increases. What a pleasure! We all know how expensive it is year on year. A service plan takes this out of the equation; thereby giving you more value for money and less out of pocket monthly payments.

MoTo-Lube has now introduced a Moto-Maintenance Plan to their clients. They offer fully comprehensive cover for all makes of vehicles. They cover all the maintenance and servicing expenses. This motor plan is backed by the Automobile Association of South Africa and with each plan sold; the customer receives a free AA membership. This guarantees the customer hassle free motoring, not only are you paying for tomorrows motoring costs at today’s prices, this also enhances the resale value of the vehicle.

Now – when buying your new or used vehicle, check the small print – this will give you fewer hassles in the future! Happy motoring! – Medical Aid for Cars


Source by Johan Barnard