Web Design Trends Of 2016 For Class Apart Websites


Change is inevitable! Same is the case with web world. With technology changing so swiftly the demand of the internet world is also growing rapidly. Whether it is the zest to do something new or keep on enhancing user experience with every passing day which is responsible for the technological advancement. But this change is certainly for good.

To develop class apart websites you need to hire WordPress developers possessing the experience as well as the cutting edge talent to match pace with the development. Let us find out what all changes took place in the world world of CMS website developments in 2015.

No pain to the fingers: Websites with complete scrolling

Nowadays we have websites which will astonish you with their scrolling features. Mobile devices might be the reasons for the Web Development Companies to shift there focus  to scrolling as it provides a rich user experience. Furthermore, scrolling also improves the page loading time of the website and this is a very welcoming news as we know that page loading time plays a crucial role in the performance.   However, while implementing scrolling you need to go through some case studies. Mentioned below is a graph which shows that users attention is highest till the first 800 pixels and then after it experiences a major drop.


Background no longer remains at the back

 Images are a growing trend in the web business and most of the companies use high quality graphics  in the background which has become a growing trend of 2015. Another major reason of using large images for background is due to the mobile development. This is because that the mobile image background looks better on mobile devices.

Flat design is getting popular

Earlier the designers use to choose a lot of patterns , bubbles , shadows and gradients, but 2015 is the year of flat design. Flat designs are considered as the most intuitive designs which was adopted by several websites and eventually emerged as the most popular design trend of 2015.

More stress on Typography

Typography has emerged as an important factor in a successful web design. Well the trend of using typography as a medium to improve aesthetics became an important feature in the web development  trends. With new fonts arriving in the market every single day it is becoming quite evident to choose the best typography in order to deliver your message in a lucid manner.

Narratives have replaced the monotonous banners

Story telling has become one of the most important part of the web development world as it has replaced the monotonous banners used from quite sometime. In 2015, we saw that storytelling has gained credence and has also increased the engagement quotient of the website. Story telling with specified brand content has embarked on a very organic marketing strategy for online business.

Raster images replaces by SVG  

Scalable vector graphics (SVG) have gained a lot of momentum in 2015. As with high quality devices around, pixel density becomes extremely crucial for modern web designs. Scalable vector graphics have solved the problem of rasterized images and have become the most trending design trend of 2015.

Fy-out menus flew-in in 2015 

Though it was not that critically acclaimed but Fly-out menu was used by a lot of websites. The collapsible menu on your computer screen is what everyone is familiar with. Moreover, this menu is not only for the mobile devices as it also beneficial for desktop computers as well. With this design the prime motive is to offer simple user experience to the users.


With the rising competition in the web development world, Web app development companies tend to focus more on user experience and do not  stick to any stereotypical rules. Websites have evolved and have become an integral part of the businesses in order to convey what is required. In order top render top notch products you need to match pace with the current design trends that allow you to match pace with the current design trends.

All the credit goes to the technology which enables us to get connected even in the remote corners ..Oh… now no corner remains remote. Thus in order to yield maximum out of this techsavy world you need to hop on to the current design trends as soon as possible.


Source by Sophia Phillips