What You Need to Know About Motor Car Repair Insurance UK Coverage


Motor car repair insurance UK is something you will need, if you own a car. In the UK (England, Scotland and Wales), there are more than a hundred insurance companies that offer motor car insurance. Though this offers more choice to the consumer, it also means that you have to make an informed decision about the car insurance that will work for you.

There are predominantly three types of motor car repair insurance in the UK – third party only (TPO) car insurance, third party fire and theft (TPFT) car insurance and comprehensive car insurance (Fully Comp). If your car is involved in an accident with another car, a third party insurance will cover the third party’s car repairs and damages, the medical claims of the occupants in that car and the medical claims of the occupants in your car. It will not cover your car or your injuries. Third party fire and theft insurance covers apart from all that is covered by TPO, also covers theft of your car or damage to your car by fire. A comprehensive policy covers damage to third party vehicle, medical claims of third party and damage to your car due to any cause (fire, theft or collision with another car), in the event of an accident.

Depending on your age and the cost of your car, you can decide on what insurance to choose. There is no thumb rule for choosing car insurance but, you can take these as pointers. For example, if you are young (and inexperienced), you are more prone to cause accidents. Assuming you also have an inexpensive, second hand car: in such a case, a third party insurance will be ideal. If you have an expensive new car, a comprehensive insurance cover that will take care of your car will make more sense. When you are over twenty five years of age and have a clean, accident- free driving track record, the cost of any car insurance will automatically be less. In such a situation, taking comprehensive car insurance will become feasible.

Once you have car insurance, and you do not make any claim on it for a year, you become eligible for a ‘No claims’ bonus or a discount in the cost of your insurance. If you continue to have a ‘No claims’ status for five years, then there will be a drastic reduction in the cost of your insurance. Correspondingly, if your car is involved in an accident and you make a claim, then the cost of insurance goes up for you. There is one way to ensure the ‘No claims’ status. By paying an additional cost for the car insurance, you can have what is known as protected no claims bonus. Even if this is going to cost marginally higher, it will protect your ‘No claims’ status even if you do make any claim.

Having all your insurance needs covered by the same provider will also reduce insurance cost because of discounts being offered. So, keeping all the above points in mind choose a motor car repair insurance in UK that works for you!


Source by Maria Mbura