What’s the Overall Safest Vehicle?


Consumer 10, known for its intensive crash tests, defined the state-of-the-art standard for safety on the roads by divulging the safest vehicles of the present time.

The price, performance, power, style and features are some of the things that a car buyer must consider. Nonetheless, the greatest aspect that the purchaser must not neglect is the safety features of the vehicle. According to automotive critics, the promise of the automakers to prevent a collision is not enough. Said vehicle must protect lives.

The importance of safety cannot be overemphasized. The neglect to mull over this aspect can lead to a life and death situation. Hence, it is critical for those car owners or would-be car owners to put safety on their top list of priorities when purchasing.

Several automakers focus on the generated power of a car. Some ventures on upgrading auto parts for a more stunning look. However, only few prioritize safety of the vehicle occupants. “If all passenger vehicles on the road had head-protecting airbags for front-seat occupants, 2,000 lives could be saved each year, says Anne McCartt of the Insurance Institute.

To commend those automakers who give higher value to safety, Consumer 10 has released its crash test results to determine the safest vehicles.

Honda Civic topped in the small car on the road segment. Further, Civic is one of the cars to yield the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Gold Top Safety Pick Award. According to some enthusiasts, this is not hard to believe since Honda Civic accessories and parts are designed to cater to the demands of modern driving.

Aside from Honda Civic, other cars like Saab 92x and Subaru Impreza (except WRX models), were also given gold awards. On the midsize car category, Saab 93 and Subaru Legacy topped the ratings. It can be recalled that Saab and Subaru accessories were upgraded to serve the purpose. On the large truck category, Ford 500 and Mercury Montego ruled. Lastly, on the minivan segments, Kia Sedona and Hyundai Entourage bagged the gold award. The 9 gold picks come with essential airbags to offer optimum impact protection.

“People often ask, what’s most important: frontal crash protection, rear crash protection or side impact protection? Because you don’t know what kind of crash you are going to be in, you need to buy a vehicle that will protect you in all kinds of crashes. The top safety pick award tells you which vehicles those are,” says Adrian Lund of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.


Source by Shane Morgay