Why Many Used Cars Available For Sale In Japan?


Japanese people are passionate about latest technology and their strong financial position lead them to buy these latest technology available in current market. In technology their first choice is always buying a New car with best quality & features. One of the major reason to buy new cars in Japan is that people want to have the latest technology with them while they are driving on the roads of Japan.

To buy latest one they sell their current old cars to the local market and the same second hand cars mostly exported due to heavy demands in international markets and everyday thousands of used vehicles are exported from Japan to various countries around the globe.

Below are some reasons why these thousands of quality used vehicles are available for sale and exported from Japan:

1. Japanese people want latest models of vehicles with great features & best in quality.

2. Strong purchasing power, help them to fulfill their dreams to buy new cars.

3. Great car exchange offers from the Japanese vehicle makers against used cars to sale their new cars.

4. Time to time bulk purchasing from the corporate sectors to save corporate taxes.

5. Strict Testing regulations. When a vehicle registered first time in Japan that comes under 3-years “Shaken” and once its expired, owners must obtain testing certificate to use further and there after 2 years it was to be re-obtain the same certificate. This is most stringent test of this type in the world and expensive also.

Because of all these reasons thousands of quality used cars brought in domestic market for sale and export at 30-40% low prices comparing with other countries. Most vehicles are of low mileage, good conditioned, not many owners and high maintenance.

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Source by Rita Bansal