Why You Should Understand No Win No Fee Accident Claims


Up until the late 90’s Legal Aid was available for personal injury claims. In case you had had an accident you can actually visit a lawyer and they would collect their payments and expenditures by means of obtaining Legal aid. The claimant would finish up paying out nothing or very little fees. Because of the amount of incidents for personal injuries the government abandoned this and withdrew its funding. It had been replaced with conditional fees arrangements or “no win no fee” arrangements which is putting the risk onto the lawyer.

At present solicitors will work without cost under the agreement that if they don’t win the case they will not get compensated. This makes lawyers only tackle cases they recognize they have got a pretty good probability of winning. None of the winning compensation goes to your lawyer, the entire award goes to the victim and so the solicitor will get his charges and expenditures from the insurance company of the losing party.

A no win, no fee compensation claim is basically self explanatory, in that the customer isn’t liable to pay their lawyer fees in the event the case isn’t won. Similarly, if the case is successful, you’ll get to keep every penny of the compensation you’re awarded; the losing group shall be responsible for the legal costs, and your lawyers will also get back their ‘success fee’ from the other side.

Typically, clients pay an insurance premium whilst pursuing a no win, no fee claim, since although they would not be accountable for their very own lawyers fees if they wind up losing the case, they would nonetheless have to pay the entire legal charges of the other side. Again, if your case is successful, this premium insurance expense will be covered by the losing group. This is the reason a lot of firms will reassure their clients that not a penny of the money they are awarded will be consumed in legal costs, since this is something which puts lots of people off claiming.

Owing to the sizable amount of firms who are able to offer their clients a no win, no fee compensation claim, it will be important to shop around prior to settling on a certain company. There is a small amount of background investigation you will be able to do, for example looking around their website, reading testimonials from previous customers, and getting a feel of the organisation. In case you are in any doubt, a reputable company is not going to hesitate to put you in touch with one of their previous clients to verify their legitimacy.

Companies which provide a no win, no fee claim agreement will usually also offer free, confidential initial consultations, whereby they’ll examine your case and conclude whether they should go ahead with it. This first meeting should also be a chance for the client to get a feel for the company – if your gut instincts let you know that something isn’t quite right about them, you’re under no commitment to carry on working with them from that point onwards.

Another way to gauge the reputation of a firm is to see their degree of knowledge, their previous achievement rate, along with the number of specialist solicitors they have got working for them. If a company has one solicitor that handles all of their cases from whiplash injuries to fatal accidents, they’re perhaps not likely to be as proficient as a company which has many solicitors with several areas of expertise.

Clients must still be aware when approached by personal injury companies, because there continue to be a lot of companies which incorporate heavy hidden costs and fees for such things as risk assessments, and high insurance premiums – it really is well worth performing the extra research on a firm to prevent being saddled with giant legal fees which were not made clear to you at the beginning.


Source by Andrew Bailey