40 Ideas for Safety Meeting Topics


Safety meeting is the right time to discuss about health and safety related matters in the workplace. Safety meeting can be held regularly or incidentally as a response on occurrence of a specific health and safety problem or after an incident or accident happens.

Ideally, safety meeting focuses on just one specific topic. But, what kind of topics do we have to discuss? Here are some topics that you can use in the safety meeting:

Safety policy

Applicable safety regulations

Compliance status on safety regulations

New safety regulation

Incident and accident investigation

Safety audit findings

OHSAS 18001 surveillance findings

Safety patrol finding

Personal protective equipments

Eye protection

Hearing protection

Hand and foot injuries

Risk assessment for new plant facility

On-way traffic control  in the plant site

Pressure vessel regular testing

Working around electricity

Emergency response procedure

Construction safety

Working in a confined space

Lockout and tagout programs

Heat stress

Hazards identification or recognition

How to read Material Safety Data Sheet

How to handle compressed gas safely

Hazardous material preservation and handling

Slips, trips and falls

Near miss incident reporting

Fire extinguisher usage

Safety precaution in case of fire

Maintenance of fire fighting equipments

Safety control for the transformer yard

Fire fighting placement and location indication

Self-inspection system

Chemical exposure control

Safety training program

Gas cylinder control and protection

Hazardous material symbol and label implementation

Loss control report issued by plant insurance company

Safety work permit system

Truck driver safety

It had better to provide schedule for every safety meeting, especially for regular safety meeting. Don’t forget to file them when you have finished using the materials. Later you will need it.

I believe the list above does not cover all the chemical plant safety related topics. Your input and feed back would be very valuable and I will add it to the list.


Source by Lukman Nulhakiem