7 Best iPhone Apps of 2016 to Try Now


Just got a new iPhone or want to load some useful stuff on your phone? Well, we have listed a couple of popular iPhone apps that can help you make the everyday tasks easier. The list includes apps from different categories so that you can enjoy the perfect option for your particular needs. Let’s get started.


Waze is the ultimate solution for those who like to go for long trips and drives without getting stuck in the crowd. The iPhone app tracks your route and guides you around traffic en-route. This, in turn, shortens your commute and makes traveling a breeze. Not just the traffic, the amazing app even notifies you of accidents, constructions, red-light cameras, and even police ahead your mid-trip.

Fab Fit

Are you a fitness freak or someone who wants to get in shape without becoming a gym-freak? If such is your case, then we have you covered here with Fab Fit. Available as a free download, the fitness app lets you work out anytime and helps you stay fit and fabulous. You can download Fab Fit- Fitness app for iPhone to modify your workout routine. What makes the application a standout is its ability to serve as an anytime gym. It has all the instructions and animations to make it easy for you to follow. You can even send notifications to your friends to inspire them or enjoying teasing. If you are serious about your fitness, then there’s a Chart progress bar that tracks and shows your detailed activity insights.

Lyft or Uber

At some point of your daily routine, you are going to need a cab instantly and that’s when you won’t find one in sight. You can either imagine the trouble and irritation standing in wait or you can save yourself some time by installing Uber or Lyft (Uber’s tough competitor) on your iPhone. Both the apps are free and already popular in the major cities. Even the not-so-major cities have also accepted the trend. The travel apps offer easy rides to your destination at best rates. All you need to do is get the app on your iPhone, book a cab and the cab will come over to pick you up whenever, wherever you want them. Big thing is, Uber and Lyft costs considerably less than the traditional taxis. In some cases when the demand gets too high, the prices may double, triple, or multiply manifold.


Get relieved from the burden of long, multiple links that makes things messy. Bitsy.in is a reliable and wonderful link shortener for iOS. A short link is the need of the hour to make your information and web experience more advanced, better, and fast. Bitsy Link Shortener is used by people worldwide for its feature-rich solution, secured links, social media integration, and an array of additional interesting features.

Users can also create custom links and have a look at the recent actions or history. All in all, the service lets you enjoy detailed analytics and optimized links that are ready for tomorrow.


Keeping a record of your passwords, when there are many, might be a difficult task. As your password is the key to your confidential information, it is critical that you keep them safe, secure, and at one place. 1Password is one of the widely-used password managers that make remembering passwords for every app and service easy. The iOS version of the app syncs with the desktop app to secure your accounts by creating and storing a different password for all apps and services you use. This one password for all is what you need to remember.


Splitting your share of price with your friends on a dinner or hangout seems like a pain in the neck, especially when none of you brought enough cash along with. Here Cash comes as a great app that lets you instantly transfer money to friends without any processing fee. You can even send money to different bank accounts. Just create an account and add your debit card, and you are all set to pay your friends or people in moments. In most cases, the money is transferred instantly and available to the payee account. In the least cases, the payee could need to wait for 1 to 2 business days to see the transferred amount.

Ads Blocker Pro

Annoyed by the continuous pop-ups and ads that are of no use to you? You don’t have to fritter your mobile data with irrelevant advertisement when you have a wonderful app called Ads Blocker Pro. The ad-blocking app protects you against web threats and surfs the web for maximum results. Ads Blocker Pro for iOS is the one-in-all tool you will need to block all unwanted stuff, including browser malware, advertisements, and pop-ups. Apart from it, you also save some cellular data during the entire process. Give it a shot to block spams and ads, and whitelist stuff you want to access.


Source by Ankita Gairola