Arctic Cats Bulbs Xenon Headlights


Arctic cats are ATVs and snowmobiles. The Xenon headlights bulbs are revolutionized lighting system, the “mother” of all halogen headlight bulbs, the market offer this type of lighting technology for your snowmobile, and ATVs. This lighting system utilizes a high pressure charge of Xenon gas, which has excellent thermal efficiency unlike standard or competitors halogen bulbs. The Xenon bulbs burn 300% brighter and whiter than the stock halogen bulbs the Arctic cat bulbs have been made by the use of xenon which is believed to emit same lights as that of the sun. The Xenon headlights bulbs system enables the drivers to see in all weather conditions weather in the day time or night, it is done without difficulties as the Xenon headlights are very powerful.

These Xenon HID’s provides a bright white lights bulbs which gives a 50% brighter output than the stock halogen lights and have three times the life of a normal headlight. It enhances the visibility of the rider and contrast on the snow ride. The white light of HID gives you a better visibility in all weather condition that is a best match for an ATV as it have to go to places where no other vehicles can go. The Xenon HID’s outperforms all the standard halogen headlights bulbs. The installation of Xenon Headlights are very easy and it’s just a matter of minutes for an expert. The good thing about these HID’s is they are available for all the snowmobiles and AVT’s having the halogen headlights.

The installation of Xenon H.I.D bulbs will greatly improve your snowmobiling experience by eliminating a common complaint – inadequate lighting! Once you’ve tried Xenon-White technology, you will want to install them in all your vehicles. They utilize a high pressure charge of Xenon gas, which has excellent thermal efficiency unlike standard or competitors halogen bulbs. Standard halogen and some aftermarket “blue” bulbs use a lower charge of Bromine Gas. Bromine charged bulbs cannot match the Xenon bulbs luminous flux output that characterize its distinctive brilliant blue-white effect compared to halogen bulbs of the same wattage. Xenon-White bulbs produce more lighting energy (up to 50%) more than halogen. Stock snowmobile halogen bulbs are rated at 55/60 watts.

If you are an addictive Arctic Cat rider then this HID Conversion Kit is the perfect replacement for your ATV or snowmobile’s factory installed halogen headlights, providing 3X more light and last 10 times longer than the stock halogen lights. The Advanced Ballasts System (ABS) provides a steady 35W output for the HID bulbs while consuming only 3.4 A of energy, which means less energy drain on the vehicle’s battery and enhanced performance in the other systems. With these extra-bright HID lights installed, night riding on your beloved utility vehicles has never been safer and more enjoyable.

Amazingly it requires NO MODIFICATION to factory light housing of your vehicle and installation is 100% reversible. The technology used is state of the art making these HID ballast, rugged construction, 100% water and weather proof. You don’t have to worry about anything else all you need it available in the kit to convert to HID’s.

Arctic Cats Bulbs Xenon Headlights


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