Best Hands Free Bluetooth Car Kit


I’m a 48 year old mom and grandmother and I admit that I use my cell phone when I drive and yes I even text on occasion. Those of us who do it,  know it’s dangerous and if we are honest, admit to having our share of close calls while driving.

The hundreds of  Bluetooth handsfree reviews I’ve read from customers using these products clearly show that none of them deliver optimal sound quality all the time. There are factors that can contribute to performance such as the noise level from inside and outside the car like the air conditioner running full blast and having the windows down. The technology is great, but we can’t expect perfection from the best bluetooth hands free car kits at least for now and for the time being your conversations will sound as typically heard from any speakerphone.

I’m disappointed to learn that at this point anyway, our speech can’t be transmitted as a text message on the other person’s phone and vice versa, because teenagers may not comply and stop texting by hand even with a speakerphone installed. In my opinion, every teenager needs to watch the video on our home page to get a visual effect of the risk they take in having a fatal car crash.

Sound quality is good enough to warrant purchasing a Bluetooth simply because you keep your eyes on the road and greatly reduce the chance of a serious accident. As more laws get passed to ban the use of hand held devices while driving, it makes sense to consider a Bluetooth Speakerphone as a worth while affordable option. Note, I have yet to find a Bluetooth Car Kit with an overall 5 star rating thus far, but I’ll keep researching as the technology expands.


Source by natalie shelby