Best Used Cars- 2010's Best Selling Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles


Car buyers like never before are flocking to buy some of the best used cars of 2010. Consumers realize for an additional cost on a certified pre-owned car or truck, you get a 150 point vehicle inspection, with repairs if needed. After all that is done the vehicle then is certified by the original dealership and then given a new warranty with the sale of the used car or suv.  Compared to non certified pre-owned vehicles, certified pre-owned is the way to go if you are thinking of buying in the used market place.

The used car market is experiencing a shortage of vehicles due to several factors and one of them is  people are keeping their cars longer because of the economic downturn and the second is credit is still very tight. With a shortage of automobiles on the market, prices of used vehicles have risen. A report that recently came out by Edmonds estimates that on a 3 year old car or truck in September 2010 is up by $1,471 dollars from September 2009. So you know if you decide to pick one of the best used cars on this list, you might even pay a little bit more than that.

This list was comprised by MSN Autos; they looked at the manufactures sales figured for their certified pre-owned cars and trucks and that’s how they came up with the best selling 2010 used vehicles. Consumers should also understand that loans for used vehicles tend to be a little higher than if you were to buy a new one, making the price even higher. Even thou this list of the best used cars of 2010 are good quality vehicles, there are great incentives to buy new, so please look at all your options.

1-      Honda Accord

2-      BMW 3-Series

3-      Toyota Camry

4-      Honda Civic

5-      Chevrolet Impala

6-      Toyota Corolla

7-      Mercedes-Benz E-Class

8-      BMW 5-Series

9-      Honda Odyssey

10-   Lexus RX


Source by Sean