Broken Tooth And Cracked Tooth … It’s An Emergency!


In summer, the children jump, move, fall … In short, they do paps stay in place during the holidays and sometimes falls can result in dental trauma. During this period of high risk, the French Federation of Orthodontics (FFO) would like to recall the behavior, but also the consequences of an accident.

That the tooth is broken or not following a shock, trauma is always an emergency. More coverage is faster, the chances of keeping the tooth healthy are important. 

If a tooth falls out of your mouth in a fall, do not panic! It must be placed in milk. According to the FFO, the liquid will keep the time to go to the dentist because the milk is a very nourishing environment. If you do not have milk in the vicinity, just keep the broken piece in your mouth. Be careful not to swallow. Once that’s done, it should go as quickly as possible with a dentist. Beyond three hours, the relocation would be random. 

To establish an accurate diagnosis and treatment, dentists realized that by following a radio to make an inventory of your teeth. Then they study the mobility, vitality, for damages on the crown or the bone lesions … Everything must be done not to be missed. It is important not to forget as a shock may have a hidden, like a little crack. 

If lesions are suspected, the FFO suggests the patient be followed over a period of at least one year. During this period, should pay special attention to his teeth. Pain or a change in color of the tooth should immediately alert.

Teeth in good health, a beautiful smile…. So pay attention to your Teeth!

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Source by Nouman Umar