Building VS Buying A Teardrop Trailer


The light weight, cool look and easy towability of a teardrop trailer is a big part of why they are so popular. The fact that it can be towed by just about any vehicle including smaller fuel saving vehicles. Its one of the few camp trailers that you can hook up to a Nissian Altima and tow it with no issue. Teardrop trailer owners even get together with other owners in teardrop trailer clubs, and camp-outs.

You will see teardrop trailers of different sizes and shapes. Most often you will see the four foot by eight foot teardrops, however I’m tall so the larger bed that the five by eight teardrop trailer can accommodate is a big factor for me. The five by eight teardrop trailer will accommodate a queen size mattress. The Galley (Kitchen) of a teardrop trailer is located at the back of the trailer. This is where you do your cooking and usually you will have some type of small fridge or ice chest in the galley to keep your drinks cold. I also have my coffee pot as well as a slow cooker in mine. The slow cooker is great when your hooked up to electric, you can throw some meat and vegies in it and a little broth or cream of mushroom soup depending on what your cooking, turn it on low and go play all day long. Then after you have worked up a good appetite and you get back to camp the first thing you notice is the aroma, its wonderful and all you have to do is sit down and eat. Id much rather throw something together in the morning then to have to cook at the end of the day when Im tired. Some teardrop owners even have a small sink in the galley.

Teardrop Trailers have a lot of style and they are so light weight, at around 575 lbs that you will not notice a big difference in your fuel mileage. You will see a lot of customized teardrop trailers making most of them very unique or one of a kind. I love my teardrop, but if you have kids, you would need to bring a tent for them to sleep in because there really isn’t much room for more than two people to sleep in a teardrop trailer. Teardrop trailers really are not for everyone, there are a lot of folks with kids that would just be happier in a larger travel trailer. So I always tell people if they have never been around teardrop trailers or have never owned one before, to go look at one for sale somewhere if they can before they buy or build a teardrop trailer and really get an idea of how big they are on the inside because if your thinking your going to put you a couple chairs and a table inside…. you better think again. Most traditional styles of teardrop trailers are only about 4 feet all from the floor to the ceiling and at 4 x 8 or 5 x 8 wide, once you get your bed in there your going to find there isn’t much room left. You set up your table and chairs outside usually around the back where your galley is.

I am often asked what type of teardrop trailer is the best, my answer is always “the type you build your self”. There are so many benefits to building your own. One big one is the money you will save by building your own teardrop. If you have a good set of plans, this will save you $100’s of dollars. Another part is the pride of accomplishment when you have completed it. But one of the biggest reasons is that you can customize just about any set of plans to your personality, style and needs. You can have a natural wood look on the outside or you can paint it or you can skin it with a number of different types of materials.

But just be carful when you purchase your plans, make sure you know what is in the plans before you buy them, because you can get ripped off or worse, you can end up with plans for a very unsafe trailer. There are a lot of people selling out dated, incomplete, hard to read, difficult to understand and even down right unsafe teardrop plans. So if your not sure exactly what is in the plans, ask the seller(s) first. A few good questions to ask are (how many pages do the plans contain?), as this will give you an idea of how detailed the plans are. And you might ask specifically (if the plans include the building instructions or are they basically just the blueprints?), just a blueprint is good enough for some people, but most people out there that buy these plans want some guidance through the building process by reading instructions as well. And another question that I would ask is (do the plans come with a wiring diagram and instructions for wiring the trailer?) because although wiring the trailer isnt hard if you have a good diagram and instructions, it can become a nightmare if you don’t. And ask any other questions that you may have before you make a purchase.

If your thinking about building your own teardrop trailer, then click on one of the links below to visit our site and take a look at our plans. We have plans for a 5 x 8 teardrop trailer with complete instructions and materials list as well as a wiring diagram and instructions for wiring the trailer.  And our plans are over 50 pages, so you know they have detailed step by step instructions. Our plans are competitively priced at less than $20.00.  And if you do have any questions, just send us an email and we will try to help in any way we can.


Source by Terry Ramsey