Car Accident Eye Injury – What You Must Know


Eye injuries are common in car accidents. With all the flying debris it is no surprise that the eyes are at risk for severe injuries. What may surprise you is that many eye injuries are caused by airbags. Airbag induced eye injuries may not be as common as eye injuries cause by flying debris but they are severe enough for concern.

Results of Airbag Eye Injuries

Airbag eye injuries can cause partial or total blindness. Sometimes the damage is temporary, but in many cases it is permanent. There is still research being done to see how different circumstances affect the damage to the eye by an airbag. The research includes looking into the effects on people of different heights and people who wear corrective lens. There appears to be a greater risk for injury for children and women. Both drivers and passengers are at risk for injuries from air bags.

Airbag Deployment and Injury

Eye injuries occur when the airbag deploys and comes in contact with the eye. Upon the deployment of the airbag, particles fly at high speed from the air bag compartment, posing a serious danger for the eyes. There is proof that air bags may do more harm than good. Studies show that the risk of an extreme eye injury and other serious injuries outweigh the benefits of air bags.

Why Airbags Pose this Risk

Airbags were developed to be an added safety measure, but they are proving to be more of a risk than anything. Airbags were designed to work with a male of a height around 5 feet 8 inches. Since this is far from the average size of women and men, airbags have a major flaw. They are not designed to suit women drivers or those of short stature. Anyone larger than the model used is also at risk.

While there have been notices made that children under the age of 12 should sit in the backseat to avoid the possible harms of airbags, the truth is that every passenger is still at risk from the flying debris of an airbag. So, no matter where you sit in a car with airbags, you are at risk for eye injuries caused by them.

What to do About Airbag Eye Injuries

If you are in an accident and you suffer an eye injury from an air bag you may have grounds for seeking damages from the car manufacturer. You should consult with an attorney that specialized in injury law. To prevent eye injuries from air bags, you should follow all instructions from the manufacturer about safety. This includes keeping children in the back seat and using aids to help you sit higher in your seat if you are driving and are of a short stature.

Eye injuries from a car accident may happen from any flying debris. You may be able to prevent them by using airbags carefully and being aware of the risks they pose. It cannot hurt to get information and learn how to minimize your chance of a traumatic eye injury in a car accident. Wearing eyeglasses, safety glasses or sunglasses while driving or riding in a car could also be helpful.


Source by Rex Bush, Doctor Of Jurisprudence, Attorney At Law