Car Camera – Securing Your Vehicle With An In Car Camera


Have you thought about securing your car with an in car camera? If not, you really should for the sake of your car’s security. A car camera can help protect your precious vehicle against theft and vandalism. Crimes against vehicles are serious problems nowadays with millions of cars stolen or vandalised each year.

Some cars are taken by joy riders, driven into the ground and dumped leaving you to pick up the mess. Other’s are swiped by professionals, resprayed, shipped to another country and never seen again. In other cases, vandals can slash you tyres, spray graffiti on your car or just attack it with a crowbar. In either case, installing a spy camera in your car can alert you to the theft and provide evidence to catch the perpetrators.

An in car camera is just a spy camera you install in your car. It allows you to monitor and record any activity in and around your vehicle and can alert you to any attempts to steal or vandalise it. An additional option is to install a tiny GPS tracking device along with your car camera. With this combination you can keep tabs on your vehicle wherever it is.

You just fit your car camera in a covert location inside your car. It then transmits a feed wirelessly to wherever you choose and/or can record all it on a memory card or digital recording device located in your car.

So where’ the best place to conceal a camera in your car? Popular choices are the rear view mirror, dashboard and in the backseat cushion.

One of the simplest types is the rearview mirror camera. You just clip this to your rearview mirror and it monitors the whole interior of your car. These can be rotated to provide a required view of both the inside and outside of your car. This type of camera is very small and light by necessity. You can also get models with just stick onto your dashboard. These take their power from your lighter socket and record to a memory card. A two gigabyte SD card, for example, can store up to eight hours of video.

Another sophisticated feature for a camera is a motion sensor. These are perfect for use in cars as they only set recording when some motion is detected in the camera’s field of view. This type of camera is a great energy saver. It sits quietly using minimum electricity but as soon as it senses movement in its view, it starts recording and/or transmitting.

Other options include in car cameras with night vision functions. These are extremely useful as many thefts and attacks happen at night.

Of course you’re not limited to one camera. You could, for example, have one camera to monitor the front of the car and another to cover the rear. Check out some of the online vendors to find out what’s available.

Other than protecting your car against theft and vandalism, an in car camera is also useful in the case of accidents. If there are any disputes regarding insurance liabilities, for example, you have photographic evidence to support any claim you may wish to make.

Car cameras have uses other than security. For example, another type you might like to fit is a reversing camera. One of these can make maneuvering your vehicle much easier by displaying the area behind your car on a monitor. This is especially true if you own a large vehicle with limited rear vision.

Spy cameras are the perfect devices to monitor and secure your property but they’re not just for homes and offices. You can put them in any place you want to keep an eye on and this includes high ticket items like your car. Next to your home, your car is probably your most valuable possession so you need to give its security a lot of thought.

If you’ve decided you want to give your car the ultimate in security, you can find an array of in car cameras online. You can browse illustrated catalogues at the vendors’ websites and choose the right model for your needs. After placing your order, your camera will be delivered promptly. Be sure to thoroughly test the feed your camera sends to make sure it’s clear and stable. Then you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is under round the clock surveillance.


Source by Kathryn Dawson