How to Retire Overseas on $15,000 to $20,000 Per Year


Ever think about giving up the ghost and retiring to a virtual paradise where a small amount of annual retirement funds will allow you to live in comfort, but need good solid information on how to get started? Read on.

Selecting the area for your future retirement is the most important part of your overseas retirement investigation. Costa Rica, a short flight 2+ hour flight from Miami or Houston, is a retirement haven, it has many micro-climates from which to choose. The coastal areas are mostly warm and humid year round, particularly so in the rainy season, and these will also be the most expensive due to the proximity of various beaches.

The central valley from San Jose north and west offer some of the best climates during the year with good access to the international airport near San Jose, at less expensive prices. Many retire in the areas close to the towns of Grecia, Naranjo, Sarchi, Palmares, and San Ramon.

Although warmer, others have chosen to retire in the areas of La Fortuna, Tilaran, San Carlos, and other more northern areas. The most southern areas of Costa Rica are difficult to travel to by vehicle because of road conditions, and most retirees do not choose to have their retirement homes in these areas.

In deciding on your retirement property budget you should take into consideration whether you want to purchase a separate home and property that is already constructed and developed, land on which to construct a home, in-town property, etc. Also you should consider whether this will be your full time home or just a home for the winter or summer months in your native country.

Contacting a reputable sales firm is one of the most important steps and will determine much of the success of your investigation. It is not only important to discuss your intentions with the sales person via their website and perhaps phone calls, but you should visit the firm in person to determine if in your opinion they are trustworthy and honest in their dealings. NEVER put up a deposit on any property or agree to purchase without first visiting the property to determine all the factors regarding it.

A visit for a week or ten days or even longer if it is possible is the most important aspect of your search for a future retirement home. Much can be learned about the country, its people, costs, retirement areas, and many other factors during this time. This should be treated also as a vacation of sorts while you are searching for a retirement area.

Conducting your due diligence should be part of your visit, learn where the problem areas lie, what constitutes the laws of the country, how is property protected, other requirements necessary, reputable attorneys, etc, because it is extremely important that you understand the process of property registration, whether you desire to incorporate,

The length of time involved in the property purchase process, and a host of less important details.

After determining the best sales firm and/or broker, and selecting an attorney with whom you can establish confidence and a rapport, you can then begin the process of finding and purchasing a home or property in the location of your choice with confidence.

You should not be in a rush to accomplish this, take your time and be sure that the property you choose is really the property you want. Many come back to Costa Rica more than once to finally determine the area and property they really want.

If you visit various websites you can find out tons of information on Costa Rica, The website has articles on “Living in Costa Rica”, and “Retiring in Costa Rica” which are must read articles.


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