Christiano Ronaldo May Fire Well Post August 2016: iZofy's Predictions


Christiano Ronaldo: The Famous Football Player of Portugal

Birth date: 5th February, 1985

Birth time: 05.25 am.

Birth place: Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

Essential Astrological Predictions:

  1. Jupiter’s transition will be expecting his Rahu in Aries, till 11th August, 2016 in his Natal Chart. Jupiter will be traveling through Virgo after that.
  2. Saturn’s transition will be moving over the Natal Saturn and will be expecting his Natal Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in the Capricorn sign, till January, 2017.
  3. Till 28th July, 2018, he will be affected by the significant time of Venus and sub time of Rahu.

Celestial Predictions:

iZofy watches that the exclusive Ronaldo is in for a splendid stage right now and that the majority of his issues will begin blurring endlessly as the shadow of the malefic Rahu and Ketu has moved far from two essential planets in his Chart, which and Venus are Mars. This will acquire a ton of positive thinking and splendid open doors for him.

As there will be immediate malefic impact on any of his Natal planets, there will be lesser issues and more parkways for him.

The key for him lies in keeping his certainty in place. It is likely that because of the controlling impact of Saturn, he may rationally get influenced by feedback or a few issues. On the off chance that he can keep up his consistency, and then there will be nothing that can stop him. The period that he will need to underwrite in this year is post August 2016, while traveling Jupiter will enter the Sign of Virgo.

There will be a few events, where because of a few issues, the Portuguese star my get into a method of self-uncertainty. This is the thing that he will need to dodge.

His wellbeing is liable to bolster him, yet he will need to abstain from striving.

Moreover he would be affected by sub time of Rahu till 28th July, 2018 and this may not turn out to be excessively favorable for him as respects his on-field exhibitions.

However, he would have the capacity to concoct great exhibitions all the more consistently, post 11th August, 2016. He would then practice harder and put and his energy and eagerness will then be at the top.

Christiano’s fans might need to hold up till the above period to locate their most loved player back in his mold.

iZofy wishes an awesome time ahead to Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.


Source by Izofy