Clearing Up Outlandish Expectations of the Pulstar Pulse Plug


It is unbelievable the lengths people will go through to attempt to disprove a products success. I have seen videos saying the pulse plug was supposed to ‘transform’ their car, or that the product fell apart upon delivery. I wasn’t there, so maybe there was a plug that got damaged in delivery; but to say that the entire company is rampant with low quality is quite a stretch.

I am writing with firsthand experience, and there was no promise that the product would make a racing machine out of my 4 year old RSX. The website and the customer service staff acknowledge that there is a good possibility that I would see an increase of both gas mileage and acceleration speed, but both will depend on how the car is driven and the shape of the engine. Since the car was in superior shape, and after I stopped driving like a maniac (from the joy of increase acceleration) I did see a dramatic increase in gas mileage. This particular car went from 32mpg highway to a steady 36mpg highway.

How the Pulse Plug Increases Economy and Mid-Sized Cars

Let’s look for a minute at the elements of an engine that make the pulse plug make an engine run more efficiently. Smaller engines are normally built to be pretty efficient in its fuel consumption, so in these cases the pulse plug can increase that efficiency, lower the emissions while normally giving the car an increase in acceleration. There was a test on the Prius hybrid that showed an increase in this eco-friendly and fuel efficient machine of about 3 mpg after installing the pulse plug. That adds up really quick!

Increased Results in Luxury Cars, Trucks and SUV’s and Why

Moving past the economy vehicles on the road, you have the larger luxury cars, trucks and SUV’s. Although manufacturers are diligently working to increase the efficiency of these vehicles, we all know they have larger engines and naturally consume a lot more fuel. This is one segment the pulse plug can help with some fuel economy gains. The basis of this fantastic alternative to a spark plug is that it can burn more of the fuel that is injected into the chamber, minimizing the amount of wasted fuel. Larger engines inject a lot more fuel into the chamber; a standard spark plug does not have enough peak power in the spark to ignite all the fuel.

The larger spark ignites more fuel, the more fuel that is ignited turns into more power for the car to use at acceleration … simple, but effective! The same process turns into an increase in fuel efficiency again because all of the fuel in the chamber is being burned providing more efficient use of the entire engine.

The pulse plug is simply genius. So to those who have put every aftermarket part imaginable in your car and then added the pulse plug expecting some extravagant 20% gain, think again. Your expectations were not in the realm of reality to begin with. It is normal for good products to have issues that need to be addressed; what is important is that they DO get addressed. As for me, I love this product and will put them in to my next vehicle as well. But don’t take my word for the pulse plug, try them out for yourself!


Source by Emily Leach