Coding for urine drug testing


Coding for urine drug testing:  Get more insight here

When the lab carries out a urine drug test, what is the correct ICD-9 code? Well, the answer is ICD-9 Code does not provide one specific code for a urine drug test. The right diagnosis code to report when billing for the lab test depends on the signs, symptoms, patient condition or other reason for the test; say for instance screening. When requesting a urine drug test from the lab, the ordering physician will assign a narrative diagnosis ICD-9 code. Say for instance a high school student diagnosed as marijuana dependent earlier is not performing well in school. The physician suspects marijuana use again and orders urine drug screen. The most correct code here is 304.30. When coding for urine drug testing, you will always find yourself faced with questions such as these. Say for instance you may find it confusing as to which is the correct code to go for to report point-of-care (POC) urine drug screen (UDS) testing. Or sometimes you may be confused whether you should go for a CPT code or choose from one of the new HCPCS codes. If you do not know how to accurately report urine drug testing, you will certainly invite denials. But you can do away with your coding woes associated with urine drug test coding by signing up for an audio conference. When you register yourself for one, you’ll clear all your doubts as far urine drug testing coding is concerned. So go for one today and ensure optimum reimbursement.


Source by Angela Martin