Did You Know Diabetes Is One Of The Causes Of Ringing In Ears Or Tinnitus


Could diabetes and Hyperinsulinemia be part of the causes of ringing in ears your experiencing? Well recently, a study from Brazil revealed a directly link among your body’s inability to metabolize sugar from diabetes and sufferers of tinnitus.

In fact, the study showed that between 84 and 92 percent of those individuals studied complaining of tinnitus also had a metabolic disorder called hyperinsulinemia.   (Now, there’s a mouthful of word for you!)

Hyperinsulinemia refers to an elevation of insulin levels in your bloodstream.  This disorder is a pre cursor to diabetes and is a direct consequence of insulin resistance.  In a nutshell, insulin is being transferred properly from the bloodstream to the cells.  This means the pancreas produce more insulin to lower the glucose levels.  In turn, insulin levels rise even more.

This being known then a quick blood test from your family doctor can confirm if your tinnitus is linked back to Hyperinsulinemia. Even so you’ll also want to strengthen your efforts by augmenting your diet with certain nutritional supplements.  A fantastic place to start is with the B-complex of vitamins.  This family of nutrients has been known to help stop the ringing in your ears.

Of these vitamins, choose B12, B6 and B5, actually if you take B6 2-3 times a day. Natural healers say that this helps to stabilize the fluids of your inner ears.

There are natural ways to get a good intake of vitamin b6 just buy eating grains, bananas, eggs and diary products.

B12 is extremely important as well.  Recent research is showing that more people than originally thought are both suffering with tinnitus and deficient in B12.  Not only that, but this deficiency has been reported to be common in people whose tinnitus is caused by the continued loud environment of their workplace.

Vitamin b12 is another great vitamin to take. There is research that showed in a study that a lot of the tinnitus sufferers tested were indeed deficient in vitamin b12 and the deficiency was linked back to workers that worked in noise polluted environments.

Injectable vitamin B12 can only be bought through prescription only.  Unfortunately, no research exists for the oral variety on tinnitus.  Nutritionists suggest that the vitamin can be consumed through eggs, milk fish, poultry and lamb to name a few.


Source by Michael Stickwell