How To Fix A Car Seat


If you own a car, chances are you frequently use it. Transportation is a major piece of a person’s day to day life. A car is used to go everywhere from work to school to the grocery store and on road trips. Thus, it is normal for a car seat to suffer from some wear and tear. If a seat will no longer let the user adjust it (i.e. sliding it forward or backwards), or feels loose, it should be fixed. Adjusting a car’s seat is more than a comfort thing: It’s a matter of safety. If a person is too close to the windshield, they could end up really hurting themselves. If they are not comfortable, they may react slowly in the event of an accident.

The best way to fix a car’s seat is to remove the seat. This way, the user can inspect the slides, bolts, and control rod. A car seat may be stuck because there’s something in the way, because dirt has built up, or because the bolts have become damaged or are loose. Thus, removing the seat is the first piece of the puzzle.

To remove the seat, you first need to lift the carpet, especially if it covers any piece of the car seat track. This will make it easier to remove the seat and to see what you are doing. Next, you want to remove the track to floor bolts. This will help you lift out the seat. If you have owned this car for a while, it may take you some time because the bolts may be damaged or may be very tight from use.

Once the car seat has been removed, clean the area using soap and water. Inspect the track for damages. Once you have cleaned this area, apply some grease sparingly to help the car seat with sliding back and forth.

You are now ready to put the car seat back into the car. To do this, first apply sealer to any hole areas and place the seat back into its grooves and onto the track. Tighten the bolts to 25-33 ft. lbs. Make sure the bolts are as tight as possible and secure. Place any carpeting you removed back into place.  Remember: seat placement distance from windshield is important.  You don’t want it to be too close.

Your car seat should no longer have any problems. If it does, you should see a mechanic as soon as possible.


Source by Bond Mejeh