How to Increase your Motorcycle Gas Mileage


Its very interesting to read statistics of some of the most used motorcycles, a good motorcycle riding at an average speed should average at least 41-45mpg while if you push it, consuming over 60mpg will just be the norm rather than the exception. Gas mileage refers to the energy efficiency of a particular vehicle. Gas Mileage is the output of ratio of range units per unit of gasoline. This ratio is measured as L/100 km, or miles per gallon. Gas mileage depends on engine of vehicle i.e. properties of engine, vehicle body weight.

The most important factors that determine motorcycle gas mileage are the riding styles of your bike, motorbike horsepower, the arodynamics of the bike and whether your bike is tuned for economy consumption or not.

Most commonly used engine in motorcycles is the internal combustion engine or gasoline engine. It is used in motorcycles which are available commercially.

Types of fuels used in motorcycle:

Diesel: It has efficiency of burning 50% compare to gasoline.

Gasoline: It is used in sports cars. It reduces pollution. It is light in weight and performs at high speeds.

Alcohol is less efficient than gasoline. It can be used in combination with gasoline.

Tips to increase gas mileage:

Hasty acceleration and sudden use of break affects the mileage. One should skip these activities to prevent the damages of the system and wastage of gas.
To increase your motorcycle Gas mileage, you should keep constant speed of your motorcycle. Some 80cc four-stroke motorcycle’s speed should between 85-90 mpg. Sports bike are superior in mileage than cars. It can achieve mileage above 35 mpg because of sport bike’s system design and low weight.

* Avoid unnecessary trips using your motorcycle.
* Keep track on changes of your motorcycle mileage.
* Try to avoid traffic jams while traveling for your work on motorcycle. In rush hours, there are most chances of wasting mileage of your motorcycle.
* Do regular servicing of your motorcycle.
* In traffic jams or in case if you need to stay sometime at any place switches off your motorcycle’s engine.
* You also have to take care about the fuel that you used in your motorcycle. It should be of good quality. Impure oil increases fuel consumption.
* You should take care of your motorcycle’s engine by regularly cleaning it.
* Always check air pressure in the tires. The maintenance of air pressures in tires prevents friction of tires on the road. Therefore, power used for acceleration is reduced and increases mileage of your motorcycle.
* You should choose flat and smooth roads having fewer stops.
* Prefer to go by highway. As the roads are flat, there are fewer chances of acceleration, traffic jams, and rush. It will definitely increase your motorcycle’s mileage.
* Do not keep your motorcycle idle. If you have set your daily tasks of using your vehicle, do not keep vehicle’s engine cold because it will consume more fuel than warm engine.
* These are some ways to reduce fuel combustion and keep your motorcycle’s mileage perfect.


Source by Muna wa Wanjiru