How to Pick the Right Rim Size for Your Car/truck?


Car rims are a very important part of the car. It defines the style quotient of a car. However, the size of the rims should be the most important factor when buying a new car rim, as not every rim model will fit the tire size.

Before buying any car rim, it is advisable to consult a local car mechanic who is a specialist in this field. The car mechanic will let you know the exact size of the tire and will help you to find the latest and the most suitable and stylish rims for your car.

Car rims are gradually becoming very popular among people who frequently accessorize and upgrade their cars. The modern hip-hop culture may also be responsible for the sudden success of car rims, as the latest and trendy car rims are featured in mainstream music videos and movies. However, most of these movies and videos feature custom built tires and rims. Custom rims are more expensive than normal rims.

The best aspect about car rims is that they are a cheap accessory compared to other car accessories. However, choosing the correct rims for your car or truck is very important. The task of choosing the right tire and rims for a car or truck requires some effort.

Measuring the size of the car rims:

Measuring the size of the car rim is done in a very different manner, since it depends mostly on the size of the tire. A letter in the alphabet and a number such as R14, R15, R16, etc denotes the tire size. The numbers will act as your guide in looking for the right rim size. Remember, any Tire shop should have a means to help you in determining the right rim size for your car.

For instance, if the wheel size is R14, then this means that the car requires a 14-inch hubcap, wheel, or rims. If the wheel of the car is measured using a measuring tape, then you will end up having over a 15-inch rim instead.


When it comes to picking the right rims size for your car or truck, you do not require a measuring tape. All one needs is a little experience and rational thinking.


Source by Marcia Henin