Incident Report Form Template – Protecting Your Company and Your Employees


A workplace accident is not on the daily agenda of any company. When it comes to employee and workplace safety, a company puts a significant amount of resources into making sure that all angles are covered. This also goes for companies that have areas that are accessed by customers such as retail shops and repair shops. It is not always easy to see an accident coming, but it can be a simple process to learn from one when it happens. An incident report form template is used by companies to record important information about workplace accidents as soon as they occur. This is one of the more important forms your company will use because it protects your employees and it protects you company as well.

When an accident happens, the first thing you need to find out is why it happened. An incident report form template will help you to collect all of the important information you will need to determine the root cause of the accident and follow the trail of challenges until there is a resolution. You will also want to make note of the conditions under which the accident took place and what the employee was doing when the accident occurred. These are all important factors in determining what needs to be done to create a safer work environment for your employees and your customers. A safer workplace raises morale and helps to improve employee productivity.

An incident report form template can also protect the company in the case of fraud or employee negligence. It can be difficult to determine the cause of an accident just by looking at the accident scene after the event has taken place. There needs to be a thorough investigation to determine if the company is negligent, the employee was negligent or if it was an accident that could not have been avoided. The insurance company will want a full incident report that will help to determine if there is blame and where that blame should lie. If an employee is trying to defraud an employer, then an incident report can help to point that out.

There are so many emotions flying around an accident scene that important information can sometimes get left behind. An incident report form template does not allow any information to get left behind, and the root cause of the accident can be determined with the information that is provided.


Source by Sarah E. Owens