Indian Schools can install GPS tracking systems in buses


GPS in school buses and public transportation may seem necessary; buses have to follow on different routes every day. And drivers need surveillance along with their experience in order to properly perform their job. So let see why to have GPS?

There are some situations where having a GPS tracking system on bus will come handy:

View the vehicles from anywhere anytime

Online location monitoring through an internet connected device on a protected web site. Even the highly maintained vehicle can go wrong sometimes. GPS system avoids delay and frustration for the passengers.

Emergency Button or Panic Button

Support for emergency button to invoke an immediate high-priority transmission to the center. Such incidents are rare but it is possible that a physic takes a school bus and tries to drive it to nowhere. At that time the counter measures can be executed by alerting through panic button.

Speed Restrictions

Can be placed to a pre-defined speed in a specified area and/or warning to the driver and/or vehicle can be stopped.

Measure distance and Track mileage

Track actual mileage through GPS. Make timely maintenance check-up with periodic mileage transmissions. Measure distance from key on to key off, and report generation by driver and/or vehicle.

Finding a passenger

Suppose a kid with some severe medical condition. In the morning his mother forgot to give him his important medicine. And if during transit he need the medical attention than GPS would save his life, as the emergency medical units can reach to the bus in no time.

Fuel Sensor and Thermal Sensor

To provide instant alerts for high and low temperatures in thermal sensitive cargo. Fuel sensor checks fuel theft, contamination and usage.

Generate a range of MIS reports

These can be made available on demand to pre-scheduled and pre-defined address within the organization. MIS Reports Include: Vehicle History, Work-Time, Fuel Usage, Extra Stoppage, Time and extra idling, Harsh Braking/ Sudden Acceleration, Summary of Entire Fleet.

Peace of Mind:

All those listed above result in peace of mind for fleet owners, parents, kids and passengers in general. However some communication gadgets, also the cellular phones around may solve some of the problems. But the huge advantage of having a GPS system, because it does not need a human to operate it.

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Source by Sachin Singh