Water Power Cars, Can You Run Your Car on Water?


With the ever increasing price of oil and the knock on effect of huge rises of the cost of gas at the pumps, everybody is looking for either alternative fuels or ways to make gas mileage improvements to their own vehicles. Something that has received a lot of hype lately is Water Power Cars and Hydrogen Generator Kits to allow you to run your car on water.

Well you will be pleased to know that it is possible to run your car on water. Apparently the technology has been around for quite a few years but the big oil companies have done their best to hide it, and even to make people think that it is not possible, after all the more you save on gas the less profit they make. So one way or another this technology has been suppressed UNTIL NOW.

If you think that you will be able to run your car on water alone then think again, as that really would be impossible. The secret of these water power cars is a clever little device called a Hydrogen Generator. These Hydrogen Generators use a tiny amount of water as a supplement to the regular gasoline in your fuel tank, which can then give you gas mileage improvements of up to 50%.

Basically this Hydrogen Generator system works by electrolyzing a small container of water under the hood of your car. In this way it is turned into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas or HHO. This gas is then taken into the airflow of the intake manifold of your car where it is mixed with regular gas from your cars fuel tank. As this mixture burns a lot better as well as smoother than just regular gasoline you get the gas mileage improvements that you have been looking for.

So just how easy it is for you to turn your own car into one of these water fuelled cars? Well in fact it is VERY EASY and also VERY AFFORDABLE. With most of these Hydrogen Generator kits on the market available for less than $200 you could re-coup your initial outlay in just a few weeks on gas savings. And as they come with easy to follow step-by-step guides to show you how, they are also very easy to fit.

With these water fuelled cars you not only get great gas mileage improvements, but as this fuel burns cleaner and smoother you also get more power, prolonged engine life as there is less wear and tear, less harmful emissions from your exhaust, so cutting down on the amount of green house gases being pumped into the atmosphere. So it would seem that everyone is a winner (well almost everyone, the big oil companies will not be so pleased).

So with the technology of water power cars, and the simplicity and low cost of installation you too could run your car on water. Why not do yourself a favour and check it out for yourself right now, after all you have got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Source by Mick Legg