Maryland freeway fender bender tips


There are occasions where it is simply impossible to avoid an accident. Ford dealerships in Maryland see their fair share of damaged vehicles resulting from fender benders on the highway. Avoiding an accident is not always an option, however knowing what to do when you have been in an accident is important to guarantee your safety and reduce additional damage to your vehicle. The following tips from Maryland Ford dealers will get your vehicle up and running again with the least amount of damage to your wallet.

  • Move your vehicle off the roadway- As a general rule if you are involved in a minor accident on the highway that involves little damage to either vehicle, it is advisable to remove both vehicles from the roadway to avoid impeding the flow of traffic.

  • Get other drivers information- Many people are tempted to avoid dealing with insurance companies when damage from a fender bender is minimal. This is between you and the other driver, however if your Ford has been involved in a fender bender- getting the other drivers name, contact and insurance information ensures you will have the option of contacting the insurance company if needed.

  • Get a second opinion- You may look at your vehicle and see little or no damage, but mechanics who perform automotive repairs in Salisbury Maryland may be able to spot damage that is not clearly visible to an untrained eye. It is better to be safe then sorry when dealing with damage from a collision, no matter how minor.

To protect yourself and the other driver, Ford dealers recommend reporting the incident to the proper authorities. This will ensure there is a record of the incident should you ever need that information in the future.


Source by Brent Durham