Meeting Poetry in Spain , Malaga


Malaga will have your appointment poetic Tuesday 29 at 20:30 in the Restaurante El Rincon de los Cazadores.

Reading poems written by different contributions from different authors such as Ricardo Silva Racing de Galicia and other partners in a very short book called Poetry Diversa for the Reverse World where they have also participated in drafting and layout different people friends Andalusian author Jesus Antonio Fernandez Olmedo. In order to go breaking the hermetic character in recent years this culture adapting and private for a few this writer and activist mode exposes all your work for free as a gift for all those interested. Culture for this man must be a common good and librarians away from clasifistas parameters as we see every day that this is occurring before our eyes is why the name of this work of a reverse world where different authors pesquisan his poems in a different way to create in the world. How good and how well the poem achieves connect people around the best of themselves so we express the author and activist who seeks to open the hearts of people like a flower in the sky and that soon will travel Lima to expose various poetry readings in the Peruvian capital around the lower classes of the city. “Every human being needs to go beyond its skeleton to look better if ” and added that no matter the type, condition, origin, etc …

We salute Jesus Fernandez, friends, helpers and partners in their new jobs where about eye contact, he says, the man and wish you a human success in these New Poems for Peace.

Jesus Antonio Fernandez Olmedo is a Spains writer and activist that he organized diferents walks for peace and non violence in diferents countries for create a new concience for peace in Oslo, Paris, Rome, Malaga, Vigo, Madrid, Cuenca, Bilbao, Algeciras, Cordoba, Cadiz, Seville, Santander, etc… and the next year 2016 in January he will trip to Lima, Peruvian where will organize diferentes meetings , encounters, walks, visit institutions, politics, friends wthat help in this way that objetive is touch the heart of the persons for everywhere. He had a diferents books that Chronicles of a traveler that was launch in Aberdeen, Scotland , Antropology University  , Society Antropology in this year , Cosmos : A new conciences more beyond of land borders and this end book where the poetry wake in the interiority of human being and search one wake in the persons of the world.


Source by Jesús Antonio Fernández Olmedo