Tire Discounters Help 4WD and AWD Owners


Many owners of four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles are in for a sudden surprise the first time they shop for 4×4 replacement tires. Some don’t know that, even if just one of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tires on their vehicle is damaged or has excessive wear, all four tires may need replacement. Fortunately, Belle Tire can help. Most offer a wide selection of 4×4 replacement tires, as well as full vehicle service, lifetime tire rotation, lifetime flat repair and huge savings on quality, brand name 4×4 tires for practically every four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle.

Matching 4×4 Tires
In order for a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle to deliver the traction and performance an owner expects, especially in slippery driving conditions on wet, icy or snow-covered roads, the rolling radius and circumference of all four tires must match closely. The mechanical driveline that connects the tires includes differentials and/or viscous couplings designed to allow momentary differences in wheel speeds when the vehicle turns a corner or temporarily spins. However, mismatched tires or even a single tire with a different rolling radius may cause driveline components to work 100-percent of the time. Differentials or viscous couplings may experience excessive stress, heat and wear if a damaged or worn 4×4 tire is accidentally replaced with a different sized tire, a tire with a different tread design, one made by another manufacturer or even one with a different inflation pressure. Everyone knows that the failure of a 4×4 driveline component can be an expensive proposition. So, remember to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to read what the vehicle manufacture recommends about replacing individual, pairs or full sets of 4×4 tires. And, when it comes to making your 4×4 tire comparison, service consultants at your local tire discounter are experts in helping you match 4×4 tires with the correct rolling radius, tread design and tread depth.

Tire discounters offer a wide selection of quality, brand-name replacement tires, as well as tire and wheel packages, for practically every four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle.  They can help you make a knowledgeable and well-informed tire comparison so ask all of the questions you have. Service consultants can also help if you’re interested in plus-sizing for a more stylish appearance or in the market for a set of snow tires to give you added confidence and traction when driving on snow-covered roads.

Free Lifetime Spin Balancing, Lifetime Tire Rotation and Lifetime Flat Repair
Why pay for tire rotation at your neighborhood service station? Most tire discounters offer free lifetime spin balancing, tire rotation and free flat repair with the purchase of replacement tires. Tires generate enormous centrifugal forces at high speeds. Spin balancing help eliminate unnecessary stress on suspension and driveline components by ensuring each tire is precisely fitted and balanced to each wheel. Tire rotation is also important, especially to four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle owners. Front and rear tires on four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles perform differently and wear differently when accelerating, braking and cornering. And free lifetime flat repair ensures that your tire is repaired, when repairable, by a certified specialist.   Free lifetime tire rotation means all four tires will wear more uniformly over their lifetime, so expensive 4×4 or AWD driveline components will also be less subject to unnecessary stress, wear and expensive replacement.

Money-Saving Coupons
Many tire discounters offer money-saving coupons on their websites. Some offer impressive savings on 4×4 replacement tires. Other coupons may also be available for shock and strut replacement, brake service and a battery checkup. In addition, many also offer printed coupons when you visit for routine maintenance or free lifetime tire rotation. Coupons can add up to huge savings, especially if you’ve neglected routine maintenance because of the high cost of having it done at your local dealership or neighborhood service station.

So, if you’re a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle owner shopping for replacement 4×4 tires for the first time, or a veteran who already knows the score, make a knowledgeable and well-informed tire comparison. And remember to also take advantage of the selection, service and savings available at your local tire discount store.


Source by Wally Koster