Scissor Doors


Scissor doors provide a classy upgrade over the standard car doors. These scissor doors open upward with a swinging motion, either by hand or with the press of button. To modify your car with lambo doors, you need to remove certain parts such as fenders and make a way for hinges to install it.

These scissor doors are one of the nicknames for doors that rotate vertically at a fixed hinger near the end of the windshield. It can be also named as suicide doors.

The design of scissor doors combines some of the advantage of a conventional door and the traditional gullwing door. As the door open upward rather than outward it’s important in wide cars. The hinge is in the same location as a conventional door. These scissor doors are generally used in super cars. Most of the aftermarket scissor doors are initially open slightly outward before opening upward to allow the top edge of the door. is a leading manufacturing company that specializing in scissor doors. We are the leaders with vehicle specific door conversions that suit the style of each and every customer. Our complete door range includes the special scissor doors, lambo doors, gullwing doors, suicide doors and vertical doors which are perfect for car enthusiastic looking an excellent addition to their cars.

You can add a different twist to your ride with scissor doors. Our scissor door hinge kit is built from steel and is designed for extra jamb clearance so you can swing those doors a full 90 degrees.

Each of these doors offered by comes with a complete easy to follow installation manual that helps you to walk through the installation process step by step.

From first glance you will realize that how much research and development has undergone into the engineering or our scissor doors. But beware of other distributors or internet sites who have tried to replicate our designs. The knock-off versions of our doors are made with the steel that is too soft resulting in the doors going out of adjustment, damaging your vehicle and ruining your paint.

Our major goal is quality so we don’t cut corners to save money or time. Our each and every product is made from the highest quality material and is engineered to be the most durable conversion. Prior reaching to our customers our products are tested to ensure excellent fit and function in real world situations.

We are the best manufacturers who offer you variety of doors to give a new look to your high super class vehicles so that you can enjoy riding them with proud of having a unique and stylish car.


Source by Okeoma Okogbue