Small Engine Vehicles: Farms Find Friend in Cushman Truckster


Today’s small scale ranchers and farmers need equipment that rises to the challenges they face in a struggling and diverse economy. A farmer today must perform more work in less time if they are going to make the money they need to survive. Farm vehicles are one of the tools that farmers and ranchers use to minimize their work time and maximize their efficiency. As times have change, so has the technology available to farmers. Advancements in utility vehicles such as the Cushman truckster and other small engine farm trucksters have made them indispensible equipment on the farm.

The need for a utility vehicle on the farm has increased over the years. While ATV’s are easy to maneuver and cut down on travel time around the property, they are not able to carry much of a load. Pickup trucks are often used to carry larger loads but they are not able to move in and out of tight areas and use a large amount of fuel. The same is true for tractors. The solution to these short-comings is a small engine farm truckster that can be used as a farm utility vehicle.

A farm utility vehicle such as a Cushman truckster offers excellent steering that works efficiently on all surfaces, yet is versatile enough to handle wide range of applications. Today’s farmer needs a utility vehicle that can assist with lifting heavy loads, maneuvering livestock and removing snow, landscaping debris and dirt.

Small engine farm trucksters are globally known to be the best vehicles for farm use simply based on their long-standing reputation of durability and construction that is long lasting. The strength of vehicles like the Cushman truckster is that they combine the versatility found in a tractor with the maneuverability and fuel efficiency found in an ATV. Farm trucksters are able to reach speeds of 25 mph and, because most have four wheel drive, they can go over muddy banks, rocky roads and wet grass with ease. These vehicles can haul large amounts of debris, hay, seed, soul or feed and can move even more if a hauling cart is added. They can negotiate terrain with the same efficiency and comfort you will find in a small sized pickup.

Farmers that use heavy trailers, tractors and digging machines on their land incorporate a small engine utility vehicles into their fleet to help with herding animals and making quick trips to tool sheds and barns because they have superior steering and maneuverability.

Most small engine trucksters for the farm have an automatic clutch, making them very easy to use. The engines in these vehicles have also been greatly improved upon for efficiency and strength. Some get up to 75 miles per gallon, a major improvement from years past and far superior to a farm truck or tractor.

Long lasting performance, versatility, efficiency and low operation costs are why modern farmers turn to small engine farm vehicles like the Cushman truckster to help them day in and day out.

~Ben Anton, 2008


Source by Ben Anton