How to Make Car Finance Deals Work for You


Car finance deals are useful credit products that can help you afford the car you want. Low annual percentage rates (APR) are available with car finance deals and these offer low monthly repayments. This means you can afford a more expensive car without overstretching your monthly budget.

Car finance loans can be a big financial commitment. It is important that you do your research and choose a loan that suits your financial situation. If you cannot afford to meet the terms of a car finance deal and fall behind with your repayments then you could risk losing your car and damaging your credit rating.

Here are some basic tips that can help you to make car finance deals work for you.

Set Your Budget

You need to be very realistic when you set the budget for your car finance. It can be too easy to borrow more money than you can afford to repay and this could get you into a difficult situation. Sit down and calculate all of your incomings and outgoings and see how much money you can set aside for repaying your car financing deal. This will help to calculate what loan amount and APR deal you need to look for.

Decide What Car You Want

It is a good idea to decide what car you want before you go out and look at models. This will help you to ensure you get the car you need and make the most out of the money you are borrowing. Think about what size car you need, what features (leather seats, air conditioning etc) and whether you want an automatic or geared version. Also think carefully about whether you want diesel, petrol or gas. Diesels can be more economical to run but they are in demand and can cost you more money upfront. Gas cars are low cost to run but they are not very popular and very few petrol stations offer gas. You will need to check around for a local supplier before you invest in a gas powered car.

Do Your Research

Before you go out and buy a car you need to know what the recommended prices are for the model, mileage and year of the car you are interested in. This will help you determine what a fair is for each car and can help you when you are haggling with a dealer. You can find this information from car magazines and auto websites. You should also research the models you are interested in for any known defects or recalls. This can help you to avoid any unnecessary costly repairs on your new car.

Shop Around

Don’t just opt for the first car finance deal you are offered. Shop around and see just what you can get for your money. Some dealers may be offering some attractive bonuses with their finance packages such as extended warranties or free upgrades. You need to choose a car finance deal that can not only offer you low APR but some additional extras as well.


Source by John Aske