7 Reasons Why Pickup Trucks Are Better Than Cars


Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Have you thought of a pickup truck? Cars are boring but a pickup truck can add new zest to your life. Here are seven reasons why you should consider one: 1.A pickup truck is functional. If you do construction work, tile setting or landscaping, it will carry your tools and your best buddy. Today’s pickup trucks have navigation systems so you can find the job and internet access so you can communicate with your customers and suppliers. 2.A pickup truck is handy. You never know what you might need to move. Just bought a couch or a 54 TV? If you own a pickup, you won’t have to worry about getting your big purchase home, and you’ll save a bundle on truck rental. Just load ’em up and go. 3.A pickup truck is social. Not only can you move your own things, you can help your friends and family move and help your neighbors pick up their big stuff at the hardware store. They’ll probably invite you in for a beer afterward. 4.A pickup truck is cozy. If you are dating, the cab of a pickup truck is an intimate space that encourages togetherness. You can always go to the drive-in and set your lawn chairs up in the back. It’s just like a front-row seat. 5.A pickup truck can be converted to a camper. With the addition of a camper shell, a pickup truck can become your home away from home for the weekend of hunting or fishing and offer quite a savings on motel bills. A pickup truck goes where cars don’t. With it’s big tires and large wheel base, you can get a pickup to go places you wouldn’t dream of taking your car. This makes it perfect for recreation. 6.A pickup truck can be filled mulch, gravel or topsoil if you are redoing your landscaping. It can also be filled with hay for an off-the-road hayride. 7.Finally, like the country songs say, there’s just something about a pickup man (or woman). A pickup truck is as American as apple pie. It’s a classic.


Source by Pickup Truck Accessories