Some Myths and Misconceptions about the Truckers That Are Far Away From the Facts


Truckers have always been slandered and misinterpreted for years. People generally state irrelevant and negative opinions regarding the truckers. Now it is high time to break the stereotype and share some real facts:

Truckers are more likely to cause accidents: It is a great misconception that truckers are more likely to cause accidents. Hold on! You need to go through facts that reveal exactly the opposite. The regular automobiles are more vulnerable to road accidents as compared to the trucks. Going through the stats, one can say that trucks are involved in only 2.4 % of all automobile accidents.

Mostly truckers are involved in drugs: Again, it is just a myth, which is being considered as a fact regarding truckers. Rather the fact is that the truckers are regularly tested for substance abuse as compared to any other profession. Moreover, truck companies are fined heavily in case any of their drivers is found taking drugs.

Truckers are uneducated and uncultured: This statement is totally based on different opinions regarding the truckers. You must be aware of the fact that trucking is quite much in trend nowadays that requires great skills, intelligence and hard work. An uneducated driver cannot easily cope up with these requirements. Therefore, this opinion can be considered totally rubbish.

Women truckers are really bad drivers: People are usually heard saying that trucking is solely a male profession. It is really important to face the reality check that there are over 200,000 female truck drivers in America. According to the stats, female truck drivers are three times less likely to meet with an accident than the male drivers are. Moreover, they always abide by the traffic rules and are 5 times less likely to violate them.

Truck drivers are poor: It is a myth that the truck drivers are being paid less. There is no secret that over the road, the truckers are making best money. The trucking industry offers lucrative rewards for the truckers who are making efforts day and night to deliver the cargo on time.

Truckers are not important: Of course, they are! If we go with the stats, our economy depends upon the truckers who are responsible of delivering every commodity used, freight and raw material.

Truckers are always exhausted: You need to clear your mind from this myth that the truckers usually remain tired and exhausted. In fact, there are certain rules for truckers to make sure that all the truck drivers are getting enough sleep and proper rest between the shifts.

Truckers usually stay away from their families: This myth is totally based in the opinions made by the public. With the latest technology such as trendy smart phones, social media including face book and Skype, they can easily stay connected to their families throughout the day.

Truckers are aggressive: It is a myth that needs to be separated from the fact. The fact is that the truckers are quite safe drivers, as they understand the dangers of driving roughly. Nowadays, with the help of GPS they can easily navigate the routes and can hop on the safest and the shortest route to the destination.

Alcohol is quite common in trucking: This is actually a myth, which is considered as truth. However, the fact is that the there are certain weigh stations where the truckers will be tested for alcohol. The local police has the authority to investigate them anytime.

The biggest fact that you need to digest is that our lives will be a hell without these truckers. Want to know why? Go through it:

* The gas stations and the petrol pumps will be running out of fuel just in less than a week without them

* Hospitals will be out of medications very soon

* Banks will be deprived of cash and ATM services will be permanently unavailable without them

* More nuisance will be created when there will be more garbage and waste than humans

Thus, truckers are like normal people who are driving to make an honest living and to raise their children in the best possible way. Undoubtedly, they are serving the society in a long way. These truckers need appreciation for the hard work that they put in.

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Source by Huan Ryan