The Start Stop Micro Hybrid Technology in SUV Mahindra Scorpio


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Mahindra & Mahindra, the leader in utility vehicles in India, has taken the initiative to introduce the path breaking FuelSmart System for the first time in India. The FuelSmart system is an automatic engine start stop system. It has been introduced in its Scorpio M2DI and Bolero SLX BS3 models.

The start stop system automatically shuts down and restarts the automobile’s engine. The engine begins effortlessly once a driver depresses a clutch prior to moving ahead. This in turn reduces the duration for which the engine is kept idling, thereby improving fuel economy.  This start stop system comes into play when the automobile has to spend considerable amounts of time waiting at traffic signals or in traffic jams. This feature started in hybrid electric vehicles but now has also started appearing in vehicles without a hybrid powertrain like Scorpio and Bolero. Fuel economy can improve by 5 to 10 percent in non-hybrid vehicles with the start stop system.

Off late the start stop system uses an enhanced-starter which is nothing more than a conventional starter, developed by Bosch, which can withstand the increased number of engine starts. The system is such that the alternator is not activated most of the time. Thus the electrical components in the vehicle run on Battery. The alternator is activated to recharge the battery while decelerating or braking (regenerative braking). Due to the use of regenerative braking, some have started calling this type of system a micro hybrid.

Volkswagen Polo Formel E, Fiat Regata ES and BMW were some of the earliest vehicles to use this technology. Smart Fortwo is a micro hybrid sold in Europe. Mahindra & Mahindra has introduced Micro hybrid Technology with Scorpio and Bolero. Tata Motors is following suite with Micro Hybrid Nano and Ace.

The Micro Hybrid Technology is based on the simple principle of not burning fuel when not required. The FuelSmart system with a Micro-Hybrid technology of Scorpio is new technology developed by Mahindra R&D team with help of the M/S Bosch.

Start stop system

Micro Hybrid Technology


Source by Murtaza. Soni