Toyota Prius – Celebrity Environmentally Friendly Cars


The issue of global warming apparently helped create some of Hollywood actors concerned. Forms of one of them expressed their concerns with using environmentally friendly cars. Gait Hollywood entertainment world of celebrities are expected to arouse public awareness of the world will be the adverse effect of global warming.

Toyota Prius seems to be prima donna celebrities. Prius was first sold in Japan in 1997 and marketed in the world in 2000. Economical petrol hybrid car has won many awards as the best car. Impressive track record was exactly what might make the choice of Hollywood celebrities to the Toyota Prius.

Who are Hollywood actors who have a high awareness of the environment?

• Leonardo DiCaprio
Handsome actor whose name soared through the film Romeo and Juliet and Titanic is one of the pioneers of the movement loving environment. In 2001, Leonardo buys a Toyota Prius. His love for the environment is also reflected by the total involved in filming documenter about the environment, 11th hour. In the film, he became a producer, narrator, as well as co-writer.

• Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling is very concerned with social issues and the environment. He always drove his black Toyota Prius wherever she went.

• America Ferrera
Ugly Betty star is getting her Toyota Prius through auction “Hot in Hollywood” with more expensive price than the market price. The advantage of the auction was donated to the organization that concentrates on the disease AIDS.

• Julia Roberts
Oscar-winning actress for her role as an environmental activist is day-to-day are concerned with environmental issues. Besides using his black Toyota Prius, Julia Roberts also use other cars powered biodiesel. In fact, he actively campaigned for Earth Biofuels in school buses.

• Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito is also a user of Toyota Prius. Awareness to use environmentally friendly cars have been shown previously to drive EV1, an electric car of General Motors. He replaced his car with a Toyota Prius since General Motors no longer produce the EV1.

Prius is very economical petrol, reaching 38 km / liter. With its fuel economy gasoline is used, means to reduce emissions of CO2 emissions. Even so, do not doubt its speed. With a 1,800 cc engine combined with an electric motor makes the Prius is equivalent to a conventional car engine 2400 cc!

These advantages, coupled with an attractive design, no wonder the Prius became the best-selling cars today. Hollywood celebrities looked cool driving environmentally friendly cars on this one.


Source by Johan Young