Toyota Supra is the great power


The Toyota Supra is a well-known sports car . the Furious in popular racing video games like Gran Turismo.which has come out in renowned action movies likes very fast.
The massive decline in sales of high performance vehicles, which has been a result of the slight downfall of the economy, has caused even the well known Toyota Supra to have to stop production.

Toyota made the Supra model starting in 1979 and through 2002. At first, the Toyota Supra was known as Celica Supra since its style was drawn from the Celica’s infamous lift back design though the Toyota Supra’s was a bit longer and wider. The Toyota Supra also has a much more powerful engine which can surely provide one with an adrenaline rush.

The design of the Toyota Supra is to be as tough as a racing car, it’s a very comfortable high speed two door sports car. With this, the Toyota Supra provides its owners with a trouble-free yet tremendously powerful car. Also the Toyota Supra is the first ever Toyota car that is not only the first to be electronically fuel injected but also the first to both have an antilock brakes and a turbo charged engine.

The final Supra model that Toyota produced was also a two door hatch back with rear wheel drive and a distinctive curvy body design with a long sloped hood. A power of up to 220 horsepower and a torque of 215 pound per feet can be generated by its 3 liter inline-6 engine . The Toyota Supra also comes available in a three liter inline-six engine that is twin turbocharged and is capable of producing up to 320 horse power, and a torque of 315 pounds per foot. Toyota offers the Supra in both stick shift (5 speed) and automatic (4 speed) transmissions.
Sport-tuned suspension, leather-trimmed seating, 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels, hollow carpet fibers and an automatic climate-control with traction control are the features the Toyota Supra has.


Source by Ernest Sharpe