Types of Salvage Cars


Their are severl different choices when choosing when dealing with purchasing a salvage vehicle on the open market.  Although you are trying to get the same conclusion, you will still need to know what are your options when looking for a salvage vehicle.  What are the search terms to use on the internet?  What are the different characteristics of each type of salvage.  Those characteristics may be a determining factor as to if you want to proceed in puchasing a salvage vehicle.  For example, let say that someone pointed you towards flood salvage vehicles.  These are vehicles that have been abandoned after floods. The vehicles may have interiors that are not salvagable for normal use.  Or key components like transmissions or engines may be un-usable.  If you were purchasing the salvage vehicle to use as a primary vehicle in the future you may decide that these types of salvage cars are not for you.  But on the other hand lets say that you are a junk dealer and you could make $5000 dollars or more on a salvage flood vehicle that may cost you $1000 or less then this would be a great investment.

Stolen Recovered Salvage
As the name describes these are stolen vehicles that have been recovered by the authorities. They may be damaged or not but some how they have been deemed as salvage vehicles for one reason or another.  It could be that the entity that stole the vehicle removed parts that are valued higher than the value of the entire vehicle.  This may be the case in high end vehicles were parts are very expensive. 

Unrecorded Salvage
These are vehicles that have been in accidents and are at present time not registered.  These are usually vehicles that insurance companies have paid off to the owner because of unside down vehicle value.  There a lot of companies that specialize in selling unrecorded salvage, do a search on the net and I am sure you will be able to find a unrecorded salvage vehicle without any problem.

Insurance Salvage
Almost like unrecorded salvage, insurance salvage are vehicles that have been taken in exchange for money by insurance companies.  These vehicles have gone through problems that have forced insurance companies to produce a payout to the owners for the vehicles.  This may be because of an accident, flood damage or any other mishap.

Scrap Salvage
Scrap salvage are vehicles that are not used to go back on the road.  These vehicles are mainly used as parts for other vehicles that are road worthy.  Mostly, these vehicles are on they way to the junk yard to be crushed and recycled.  Junk yards tend to strip these vehicles and sell of the good parts one by one.  Or, sell the entire vehicle in some cases to individuals that may be restoring a like vehicle.

Buying a salvage vehicle is sometimes not straight forward, knowing the type of salvage vehicle can eliminate some of the problems that are associated with purchasing salvage vehicles.  Just know what you are purchasing.


Source by Kenneth Elliott