Vertigo and Traveling


Since I travel for both personal and business reasons, I fly a lot.  In doing so, I’ve engaged in many conversations with a number of different people all over the world.

Vertigo comes up quite a bit.  I’m sure this is due to my profession.  People have explained that travel tends to either cause a vertigo attack or worsens it.

Vertigo can create a feeling of motion or spinning when in fact the person and objects are stationary.

Dizziness can also occur during a vertigo attack.  However, not everyone who experiences dizziness has vertigo.  Vertigo is usually caused by an inner ear disorder.  Although the central vistibular system can also be responsible.

Vertigo is still often associated with the Alfred Hitchcock movie which involved the fear of heights.  This phobia simply happens to have similar symptoms to vertigo (dizziness).  Ironically though, most people with a fear of heights don’t even have a problem with flying. 

The most common type of vertigo is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo  (BPPV).  Certain head movements can bring it on due to calcium crystals becoming detached.

Symptons can include nausea and possibly vomiting.  Exercises have proven helpful in some cases.

While travel itself is not usually responsible for BPPV, head positioning when travelling can. 

Temporary vertigo can be triggered with alcohol so it is suggested to abstain when flying and most certainly if driving.

Psychogenic vertigo is less common but worth mentioning.  This can be brought on due to anxiety or panic disorders.  It can worsen as a result of travelling.

Most people actually suffer from motion sickness when travelling.  Nausea and other discomfort is brought on due to the motion.  Boat travel is popular for this problem, but car and plane travel can also create this feeling.

Symptoms tend to occur rather quickly as they do with vertigo.  Cold sweats, dizziness and nausea tend to indicate that motion sickness is present.

When this occurs, maintaining a steady gaze and still head can provide some relief.  Here again, abstaining from alcohol as well as smoking and reading can prevent the problem.  Getting some fresh air also helps in treating it.

A number of over the counter drugs are popular for treating and preventing motion sickness.  However, as with all drugs, side effects tend to occur as well.

My all natural Vertigo and Dizziness program helps tremendously.  It is extremely effective for those suffering from dizziness or vertigo but is also recommended for motion sickness. 



Source by Christian Goodman