Viseeo – the Best Mercedes Bluetooth Car Kit


ViseeO | The Best Mercedes Bluetooth Car Kit
End the Mercedes Benz Bluetooth connection problem with mobile phones forever

The ViseeO Mercedes Bluetooth hands free mobile phone in car kit cradle allows you to connect almost any Bluetooth mobile phone to a Mercedes Benz.
Connecting mobile phones to Mercedes Benz is a big problem. You can install original cradles for some phones. But your choice of telephones is very small as there are few supported models. Choosing an official phone cradle is also a complex task, as there are so many different cradles.
If you have two drivers, they would need to use the same phone model and type. If you change your mobile phone you need a new cradle. With the official Bluetooth Mercedes cradle you are restricted in your choice of phone and even network connection service provider.
For older cars, where there is a pre-installed fixed cradle, there is no other solution at all! There are 3rd party car kits out there, but none will work with your Comand system. Other solutions need costly installation. In many cases, just the fitting alone costs more than this great device. The cost of your fixed car kit is also lost with the car. With ViseeO, you simply take it with you or sell it on when you don’t need it any more.
ViseeO is the ultimate Mercedes car kit, and ends all these problems. ViseeO allows you to connect to almost any mobile phone, with any system (Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry, etc) and all brands (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, iPhone and even iPhone 3G), regardless of your network or carrier!

Viseeo Mercedes Bluetooth full feature list. Click here!

ViseeO | Solve Your Mercedes Bluetooth Problem
Mercedes Benz Bluetooth Car Kit

The ViseeO Mercedes Bluetooth phone cradle in car hands free solution for mobile phones allows you to easily connect Bluetooth to Mercedes cars. It is the ultimate Mercedes car kit solution.

There are 2 Viseeo Mercedes Bluetooth phone cradles available.

Feature List

  • Works with Bluetooth mobile phones
    If you have Bluetooth, you can probably use a ViseeO. It works with every phone ever tested, including iPhone, iPhone 3G and BlackBerry phones.
    The Mercedes Bluetooth SAP UHI adapter (the SLR styled one) works with very few phones, on restricted networks (it doesn’t work at all with Three’s 3G network *).
    ViseeO pretty much works with any phone and any network.
  • Emulates a real phone, so integrates perfectly, and all normal functions work perfectly **
    • Works with integrated controls on steering wheel
    • Uses existing integrated microphone
    • Mutes audio on your sound system to make and answer calls
    • Synchronises contacts with the Comand System (with most phones)
    • Microphone fine-tuning for crystal clear sound without echoes
    ** Please note: SMS messages don’t transfer to the car screen
  • No Installation required!
    • Install it yourself! No wires, tools or trim removal. It’s the same size and shape as a mobile phone, so you just clip it in.
    • Easy, starts instantly, and requires no expertise at all.
  • Use multiple phones
    • Link up to 3 devices. ViseeO will automatically connect with any of them
    • Separate phone books for each device, maintaining privacy
    • Move it from car to car, as it just plugs in without installation
    • Connects automatically on start up. No more waiting to synchronise phone books before dialing. ViseeO will continue synchronising contacts in the background.
    • Perfect if you have multiple drivers or multiple phones
  • Maintains call logs
    The Mercedes SAP 2.0 profile system keeps call lists in the car. If you miss a call in the car, it will not appear as a missed call on your phone when you leave the car. With Viseeo, calls missed in the car will still be available on the phone, and vice versa.
  • It maintains your privacy
    The official Mercedes SAP solution takes total control of your phone, so if you want to talk privately, you can’t transfer sound to your mobile and come off the speakerphone. With ViseeO, you can. You can even dial numbers directly from your mobile. Of course, this is when you are not the driver. Using your phone whilst driving is dangerous, and illegal in many countries.
  • It’s cheaper!
    The ViseeO Mercedes Bluetooth adapter even costs less then the Official Mercedes Bluetooth phone cradle.

*The older Mercedes HFP solution will work with Three’s 3G network

ViseeO | Connect Any Bluetooth Phone to Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Bluetooth Phone Cradles

The ViseeO Mercedes Bluetooth phone cradle for in car hands free mobile phone use allows you to connect virtually any Bluetooth mobile phone to a Mercedes Benz.

Essentially, there are 2 conversations going on

  • ViseeO emulates a Mercedes-compatible phone when interfacing with the car, so all the car’s functions and buttons work perfectly
    (Note: SMS messages won’t transfer to the car)
  • At the same time, ViseeO will interface with virtually any bluetooth compatible mobile phone, and allow it to connect with the car
  • It even synchronises your mobile phone contacts with the car!
  • Installs in seconds

There are 2 models available.
Click here to choose which Mercedes phone cradle is right for you.

Better than the Mercedes Benz Bluetooth Cradle!
You may be aware Mercedes Benz already make a Bluetooth SAP in car hands free kit. However, it is riddled with problems. There are restrictions on which phones will work, and even which network provider.
ViseeO is a far superior Mercedes mobile phone connect solution, with a better feature list, more flexibility, and a lower cost.


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